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A pause in the action

So Selig can't wait to get the Red Sox Yankees rivalry going for ratings, so he front loads the schedule to make it the openah and then, in his infinite wisdom, aftah getting everyone excited, he decides to, you know, let it fucking sit fallow by inserting a day off aftah only one friggin game?


Seriously, what in the name of sexy Portugese TV Christ was Selig thinking?


If I'm Selig I'm nevah going to Youkilis' chef brothah's restaurant because Youkilis' brothah is so gonna spit in Selig's food.


OK. OK... I've got something here...


Celebrity Iron Chef...


Youkilis' Chef Brother and Youkilis


Mario Batali and Jackie Bradley, Jr.

Who wins?


What are the theme ingredients?


Fin of Shahk. Bear claws. And, wait for it... Ditka's Chicken.





That menu is incredible. Coach's Pot Roast Nachos?

If Ditka could be distilled into a single dish, I think that's it. Because, you know, nachos covered in cheese-like sauce don't clog arteries quite fast enough. We just have to add a pot roast. (And the pot roast is probably stuffed with a turduken and andouille sausages.)

MLB/Selig/RedSox/whoever the exact brain trust is has been doing this for a few years now, the day off immediately after Opening Day, and it is fucking stupid. I was so jazzed to boot up my MLB.tv on AppleTV last night (like the pseudo-tech dork poseur I am), but of course, no Sox game. I tried to get into Toronto/Cleveland but gave up in favor of scripted TV. Anyone else watching Justified this season? Mind-blowing.

Are those oyster shooters of the Rocky Mountain variety,Coach??

It's all in the economics. Opening day tickets are premium shit. The second day's/evenings tickets are, basically just face value. They did not want the opener played in front of, say 22,000 who paid face value for their tickets.
To really clog the heart, there is the bacon wrapped tater tot, dipped in Nacho cheese sauce, the perfect side for a bacon chili dog. That's KILLAH! Oh, and a cold flagon of Harp or Red Stripe, or Molson Ex...

I have had the pot roast nachos at Ditka's. They are outstanding.

Before there was The Bus, there was The Scooter. And now we know exactly what happened to Heidi Whatney...

U*h, HW quaotes this in her Twitter Bio.

Philippians 4:13
King James Version (KJV)
I can do all things through Christ which strengtheneth me.

__That's what happened to Heidi Watney___


lc, so your saying she's 'topping from the bottom'?

At least Opening Day was in the US this year. Remember last year? I know, we'll put the biggest baseball day of the year in Japan, and play the biggest game of the year at 3 in the morning local time for Seattle and Oakland, and even if you were in America and wanted to watch the game in the wee hours due to blackout rules if you weren't in Seattle or Oakland, you had to wait for a delay on the MLB Network.

If decisions like that are commissioner-caliber, I should be next in line when Selig finally leaves. I could be screwing up baseball for decades to come.

LC, Heidi says that the Red Sox bullpen will strengtheneth the team yea mightily this year.

The DVR has Justified waiting for me as soon as the game's over tonight! After that ... "I see them long hard times to come" waiting for season 5.

Rudi, I was one episode behind so I just saw last week's last night (holy smokes!) and tonight will be the finale. I cannot wait! Is it 6pm yet?

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