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West of the Fields

You know, there really is something to be said fo just waking up in the morning and feeling fine...


And if you happen to wake up in the morning feeling fine *and* you realize that Bobby Valentine is not the managah of your Boston Red Sox, well,...


It may not be Elysium but it's close enough for now.


As Giamatti wrote, "Paradise is a dream of ourselves as bettah than we are..."



This IS one of those days where I'm speaking through the characters... I woke up this morning feeling so glad to not be feeling sick with the stomach bug or rotavirus or whatever it was.

And Bobby Valentine is not the manager!

Was he really ever,h.b.?

glad to hear, hb... it's definitely around... additional wisdom, this time from bill james, at http://bit.ly/YSMv37

I'm battling a cold right now and lots of bullshit at work, but the reminder that Veet is gone made me smile. Thanks hb!

Long gone intuition...

I am glad, that Roberto Veets is out of the Sox job. I also am glad that the weather in Connecticut is not condusive to bike riding, an activity I dispise completely, beyond annoying Roberto Valentine. This means I can drive along sipping caramel latte (and telling the Chairman that if he doesn't like my driving he can go on a one way trip to the vet, not just a check up...) without worrying about an idiot popping up in front of me doing half my speed, inviting me to kill him.

"Paradise is a dream of ourselves as bettah than we are..."

So does that mean Bobby V. dreams of himself as Grady Little?

I ride a bicycle, so I prefer to think that Bobby ♥ made that up, too.


yes, but think of the poor kids at Sacred Heart and shed a tear.

You made me feel optimistic all over again h.b.

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