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Vacation 01, 2013 "Spring"

Your omniscient author in absentia:
The Soxaholix are on Spring Break until next week.

Be sure to look for them in the next installment of "Drunken Clip Art Characters Gone Wild!!!"



I'm trying to "wish" myself into that palm tree pic, much like the guy in the old Night Gallery episode tried to think himself into a peaceful rowboat painting. Of course, he ended up inside a painting of a Nazi concentration camp, so I'm hoping I don't accidentally transport myself into a Bobby V. portrait.

That painting could be a Creveza Corona beach ad. I could do that...

I wonder what's in that file cabinet. The original wrap recipe?

Soxaholix (H.B.)is on Spring break, or Conclave break? Hmmmm....

I wonder what HB would change hi name to; Pope Valentine? Pope Papi?

Maybe HB is really Dennis Rodman. I think there was a break in strips around the same time he was chatting hoops with Senor Kim.

All around the globe, the faithful keep waiting for that plume of white smoke to emerge from Fort Myers, with the joyful proclamation "Habemus Papi."

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