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Traveler's D (sans the travel)

Your omniscient author in absentia:
I either ate something contaminated or I have some passing stomach bug, but starting at about 10pm last night I've been in a pretty bad way.

Luckily I had some prophylactic Cipro in my travel kit that I started on and that at least curbed the vomiting and shakes which leaves just the, well, you know.

BTW this is probably as good a time as any to mention that next week I'll be on my annual Spring Break holiday. Glad I'm getting this now and not then.

I usually clear up from these things pretty quickly, so tomorrow should go on as scheduled.



Sleep whenever necessary, look at porn otherwise, or watch a WBC game, which means MLB net will be wall to wall with games for the rest of the week, if you're so inclined. Now, when do they put Millar and Rose together in the booth for a game?
Excercise? You'll get plenty...

Just think of them as the home run trots, H.B.

You should have stuck to chicken and beer. Feel better, hb.

It's Valentine's fault.

He did invent the day-old prawn curry wrap.

GI bugs are going around. I had it 2 weeks ago along with 6 - 10 people at work, kind of independently. Rotavirus? probably not food.

HB. You seem to be good for at least one stomach bug a year. Probiotics? Activia? Something has to give.

At least one, more like 2-3.

You'd think the Sriracha would be all the probiotics I'd need.

I saw a guy at a sausage cart outside Fenway remove the Sriracha cap with his teeth. So, no guaranteed protection there.

a saw a guy remove his tooth with a siracha top. At least I think so.


Bob, you said you wouldn't tell.

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