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"Official" 2013 Wins Prediction Thread (so we can easily refer to it later)

Lisa the Temp:
OK, peeps, if you can quell your giddiness over $5 beer and 2-for-1 hotdogs, I need you to focus on something...


Lisa the Temp:
I've been tasked today by your creepy host to gather your "official" and on the record win predictions for the 2013 season.


Lisa the Temp:
Yes, yes, I've been told there was an ad hoc breakout of prognostication a few days back but this will be the official tally.


Lisa the Temp:
Thanks in advance for your participation. And may your day be as bountiful as KK's preggers chi chas.




88/74. 15 or more by Lackey. Just because.

I wish I could share hb and Yossarian's confidence. 75/87. Now, my owner Chairman Meow took issue with that (and some bargain seafood delight...) and submits 90/72. But he is in denial over all the older guy's injury issues as well as Ells and Middlebrooks issues. 13x7 makes him 91 in cat years. meh...


84/78. No playoffs. Sigh.

81-81. You heard it here first.

2 days later and not anymore optimistic. 82/80.

The Sox can book their rooms at the chic Vermont Inns for the fall foliage tours in October.

92 wins - 16 by Lackey.

78 - 84 . injuries mount. pitching flags in the second half.

I'm seeing this year as feast or famine. They'll get hot and end up 89-73 or crash and fall to 73-89 but not in-between.

sunsets by 7/22/2013.

oh, 88-74

79-83. They 'improve' ten games beyond 2012 but can't manage .500 ball.

Sox go 90-72, but Dodgers are the big team this year as Gonzalez, Beckett & Crawford have monster years.

91 wins. JBJ lights the fire and stays up all year, Buchholz and Lester get it done, and they make a trade for Giancarlo Stanton at the deadline. (What? A guy can dream....)



Bradley wins ROY and MVP

91-71, it could happen. It may not be likely, but it could happen. Lestah wins Cy Young.

Also, i don't get the Kim K thing. The Soup showed a shot of her walking while wearing spandex and it looked like a bull python trying to digest an inner tube.

Ponch, well done. LMAO

I'm torn- after being on the waiting list for many years I finally got season tickets (for some reason there appears to be a bunch available), so I'm hoping for at least an entertaining team, maybe 85-77. But I suspect it will be closer to yaz's 79-83 above

Oh, and I'm selling if you're buying

89-73 The third place team in the AL East will have a better record than one of the first place teams in another division.

Nothing in the last two days has changed my mind: 81-81.

85-77, Good enough for 3rd in the East.

83 - 79, because that's the respective ages of the top of the rotation in dog years divided by Bradley's VORP in left field.

(In best Richard Dawson voice) - "Survey Says!"
88 wins

A surprising 91 wins. Pedroia MVP. Lackey Cy young (okay I took some good stuff last night).

And there is this:


Just got back from playing with the godkids. Damn, why are children so energetic?

Okay, once again, 89 wins. And Lackey both wins and loses 20 games.

Happy International Whiskey Day ;D

83W / 79L
Or 162 losses, can't decide which.


Hope I'm wrong.

That 69 thing last year?
Yeah. Again.

90 wins, playoff spot as one of the wildcards. I just have a feeling that the lowered expectations around this team, improved clubhouse chemistry, improved management, and some better luck with health issues will enable them to turn things around. I'm looking for an exciting JBJ run to really transform the bad vibes of the past few years.

I reiterate my first posted 83-79. Sorry to be late to the party today, creepers.

Super late...91 wins.

No reasons just like the number.

85W-2432L, as each will be followed by visions of a grinning Valentine.

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