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Is it me, or is this the longest spring training evah.


Two responses...


1. You say that every spring training.


2. This is the longest spring training evah.


On the bright side, how cool is it that our biggest "crisis" of spring is the fear that we may be forced to demote to Pawtucket the offensive beast that is Jackie Bradley, Jr.


Meanwhile, in anothah outfield, there is the whiff of desperation.


Well, for years the Yankees have been like an ATM machine...


And now it looks like the ATM machine is located in Cyprus.



That run on ATMs in Cyprus was pretty funny. It'd be just my luck to be behind some fool depositing a bunch of checks.

Vacation so far is pretty good. Missing the Monday morning traffic meeting right now. Eating Peanut Butter Cap'n Crunch instead. That's living.

The MFYs have $67 million on the DL alone! And now, they'll be reviving the classic 1966 saga: MFYs/Red Sox, the quest for eighth. Yeah, I know there are only five in the AL east. JBJ? He will be a regular come 9.1/Labor Day, whether through performance or injury to a regular.
My wins total call for 2013 is 75. Six under the famed Mendoza, but that is what it is.

Peanut Butter Cap'n Crunch? C'Mon, Man!

Is today Prediction Day?

89 wins. Take it the Cyprian bank.

Crunch mouth? Ugh.

I followed the Cap'n Crunch with a slice of leftover Alsatian pizza from Picco. So now it's Crunch breath with onions and bacon.

ATM machine? What exactly do you think the "M" in ATM stands for? Oh so redundant, HB.

The biggest crisis of the Spring is whether we'll play 3 or 4 games in April with the rest to be made up later due to snow-outs.

PS - Thank you, DC, for taking the brunt of this one. I'm sure there's another storm heading here in Boston soon enough as it is.


I blame the redundancy on my software program.

Predictions? 86/76

Isn't it Automated ATM Machine?

I always say ATM machine, knowing it's redundant. That doesn't offend the otherwise easily-riled grammar genie that lives inside me. Probably because I grew up in Central NJ and there the ATMs are called MACs (Money Access Center) or MAC machines. I spent the better part of freshman year in college in Boston saying I needed to "find a MAC machine" and having friends roll their eyes at me. Anyway, as I type that out it occurs to me... fuck, that is one BORING story. And yet, I don't delete it. I got nothing. March is the worst, y'all....

Just don't ask me if I want a can of pop or if I want my groceries in a sack

They need to bring back Vanilly Crunch. That was some awesome cereal. Peanut Butter Crunch doesn't do it for me.

In re: JBJ. Ok, he's a talent, but we are spending 3 weeks talking about him being up 4/1 vs. 4/25? That's what's wrong with the RS.

Prediction: Pre-sale of sunsets available shortly.


As the resident of the so-called Commander's abode, I must revel in his choice of breakfast repasts, which have been sausage and corn muffins,washed down by lots of orange juice and coffee, without his usual spiking of it with Bailey's.
As to his doom and gloom prediction of 75 wins as his employer I say 90 wins. Chairman Meow.

Oh, is this the prediction thread? I say 83.

Ever since I left CT, I can't find a decent sausage grinder.

Put me down for 82 wins, just barely over 500 and not going to the playoffs.

We should have had a prediction for date in 2013 when LC first mentions renting a sunset. Love it.


I'm all-in on 92 wins and lackey winning over 15 games.

No, I haven't been drinking. Why do you ask?

84 wins. No playoffs...again.

Lackey may well win 15 games - after we've traded him to an NL Central team for a prospect and a box of Cap'n Crunch.

I see our Closer's Spring ERA is over 8... And two of our five starters are north of 4.5, so I'm guessing 81 wins, no playoffs. I hope to be pleasantly surprised.

NHL playoffs, anyone?

Well I did post a comment to the effect that I would begin gathering predictions but I think it was censored for using relatively innocuous language. So let the predictions roll. We will all have a good chuckle in September.

88, with 15 (or more) of them by Lackey.

88, with 15 (or more) of them by Lackey. Redundancy rules!

I got February 17th,2014 for next year's sunset sale.

91 Wins.

90 wins, but 72 losses that will feel like more when they fade at the end.
Gonzalez, Beckett & Crawford have monster years, and the Dodgers make a lot of noise.

Late to the party, but I say 83 wins, too.

90 wins. I can offer no explanation other than I'm a baseless springtime optimist. And my wife has gotten me a boomerang present of two Sox tickets, so I get to invade the Great North again.

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