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Happy, happy

Just as a point of clarification, Cahl, we don't "love it when you're miserable" heah as the default.


No, more than anything we prefer the guys on the club to be happy and productive.


Shiny, happy, playahs laughing.


Now happy and carrying a lead bat with an OBP undah .300, well, yeah, in that case we do prefer that you're miserable because you're making us fucking miserable.


And when we're miserable, we love the company.


But we'd rathah be happy.


Gold and pennants shine.



Carl obviously didn't get enough REM sleep. (But I thing Adrian Gonzalez got too much. He always looked like I do after sleeping in on the weekend.)

The Sox media circus is not for everyone. Some could ignore it and others fought it. Crawford wanted to be left alone. The Dodgers are a part of a much larger, much less personal community. He can be left alone and he'll like it.
Gonzo ran on LA time, so a game at 11AM, was at 8AM so far as Gonzo saw it, an' there ain't no fixin' it.

Must be some correlation between guys named Carl and the Boston media. What's your theory,Darwin?? ;O

Glad he's gone. Enjoy your vacation, hb!

Thank you for putting my thoughts into pictures. My knee-jerk response was, "STFU, Carl." But this is much nicer and more eloquent.

It's hard to agree with a guy like Carl Crawford who was paid so much and did so little. However I agree with him here, and I disagree with what the guys say in today's strip. "Soxaholix" depends too much on schadenfreude. Sometimes the strip's very funny, but sometimes it relies too much of what Crawford complains about. How about more poetry instead?

Your wish is my command:

There was a comic blog down yonder
That thought Carl Crawford made good fodder
"He has a lead bat"
"I hate his neck tat"
Over this there was much schadenfreude.

Same old song and dance from these ex Sox players. How about keeping your mouth shut and thanking the Sox for that over the top contract?

A surly prima donna named Caahl
Had his face in perpetual snaahl
His batting was shit
his defence? the pit
He will fail in LA and I'll smaaaaahl

That's Boston for you. One day you are opening an antiquarian bookstore and the next day you are run out of town.

I want more. More schadenfreude, more poetry, more wins, more soxaholix, did I mention more wins?, and more fuine comments like today's offering from yazbread - "one day..." has that "those in the know" T-shirt quote quality.

This spot is where I get to use my otherwise wasted degree in lit. But, my student loan be paid off so there!


very good limerix, hb.

Hmmm, as per Harwich I feel my week is not yet over ... and yet I am about to start another one. I trust we have something amusing and interesting to yak about on Tuesday (AEST).

Yeah, we do have something to yak about on Monday.

"I grabbed [Alfredo Aceves], and I had a hold of him and I think I saw Satan in his eyes," Canada batting coach Larry Walker said after Canada's 10-3 victory. "That was scary looking. I was just hoping he wouldn't throw any punches at me because I would have been in trouble."


Our crack medical staff should make sure that Satan didn't break any bones in his hands. Would want that to become an excuse should Satan's ERA resemble the temperature in hell.

oops... that should be "Would not want that..."

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