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Funny because it's true

Well, this is that point in Spring Training where there's pretty much nothing left to say.


Yeah, you know it's bad when the Globe leads with a "Where are they now?" piece.


Speaking of lost identities, I got a call from the CitiBank fraud depahtment last night saying they noticed suspicious activity on my MastahCahd.


It stahted with a fried chicken dinnah and ended with first class tickets to Rio on TAM... seems the chicken was to test the cahd's veracity.


Hmmm... using fried chicken to test the limits of what you can get away with... now where have I seen that before?


Well, you know what they say...


Nobody expects a chicken supposition!


It's chief weapon is ubiquity... ubiquity and crispiness... crispiness and ubiquity... The two weapons are ubiquity and crispiness... and a subtle juiciness.



Diners Drive-ins and Dives, meets Monty Python ;-0 LOL!

Don't forget the nice red uniforms.

Oh, and didn't Beckett have....a COMFY CHAIR???

Dammit, now I'm hungry and craving fried chicken.


Just don't use my card to satiate your craving.

BTW totally channeling through the characters today. I really did get that call last night.

$2.78 Pollos Mexican Fried Chicken
$3000 stationary (????)
$6500 TAM tix

Gotta admire Citi's quickness in shutting it down.

Got a similar call a few years ago, h.b. Only instead of fried chicken and TAM tix, it was for $8,700 in paella pans.

I'm as big on chicken, chorizo sausage, shrimp and rice as the next guy, but $8,700?? Even if you go to Williams-Sonoma, that's about 350 pans. That's a lot of paella...

BTW, *LOVE* the Python reference. Gotta go home and watch my "Completely Different" dvd tonight.

I recently had an $80 charge show up on my card for christianmingle.com. Thou shalt not steal?

I once had Chase call and inform me of suspicious activity on my card:
$2700 Glass Slipper Club
$8000 Two 1st class tickets to Vegas
$10,000 Presidential suite at Mirage
$25,000 divorce attorney

LOL, Bob! I presume you assured them the charges were legitimate, if regrettable.

Yep. I don't even know why Chase considered the charges suspicious. Seemed pretty everyday to me.

I see a new domain name: www.ubiquicrispness.com

Let the games begin.

Been to Blanchard's in Allston lately, h.b.?

Allston liquor store blames malware for customer data theft

Not sure if I closed my link tag. This should do it if I didn't.

"Nobody expects a chicken supposition" didn't see that one coming (no pun intended) LMAO

would be even funnier if I wasn't currently fasting and purging to prepare for a certain medical procedure tomorrow. Why do they call it Halflytely, anyway? Was Halfassed already taken??

They call it Halflytely because by the time you're done with it, you'll be half lighter.

if only that were true

As my father sez: Growin' old ain't for sissies...

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