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Can't spit it out

Christ, this news about the Westmoreland kid just breaks my haaht.


Seriously, puts the whole Red Sox spring training disappointments thread in perspective doesn't it?


Absolutely. And, really, it's a pretty good Mahch when there's only 3 things on the dis list and two involve prospects who aren't exactly household names.


Personally, you know what my biggest disappointment of the 2013 Spring is? It's that I still remember the disappointment of the 2012 Spring Training and the ominous shit clouds forming on the horizon as Bobby Valentine strutted around the field.


Yeah, it's a memory I hope to soon shake.


But it sticks around like a hair in one's mouth.


There's nothing worse.


Except finding out the hair is Veet's.


I just puked in my mouth.


That should clear it out.



At least Westmoreland got a little money. It'll help him carry on with the next part of his life.

Saw Pete Abe's tweet that Papi is doin' BP today. This is the potential dis for 2013, considering how much he'll get for the next two seasons. Not that long ago, he'd go home an' get some stuff and...

Sad story

Westmoreland has his health and should be with us for the duration. That's not sad. That is good news.

Disrespectful as it is, that was really funny.

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