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A so-so strip on an OK day...

Yeah, not the best, not the worst.


Which is exactly where you want to be in today's culture of mediocrity.


Seriously, if your lineup is too good, it's really, really fucking mean to those teams with poor lineups.


I think skinny people really should be forced to eat lots of junk food and sit on their asses because all that skinniness is simply killing the self-esteem of the fatties.


Likewise, you good looking people? Well, if you can't plain yourself down, then just stay the fuck home, OK? You're making the fugs really uncomfortable with your goddamn milkshake.


I mean, c'mon people, this country was founded on being average.


Look. It's called Plimoth *Rock* for fuck's sake and not Plimoth Diamond. Jeez.


"Give me mediocrity, or give me death!"


Meanwhile in China a couple million tiger moms smell blood and smile.


We are so fucking doomed.



How much you want to bet that idiot is going to make attendance mandatory at the ceremony? "This is going to be an inclusive event whether you like it or not."

Forced attendance is a concept bred of the need to enforce disipline. But, there is always the "Trip to the Boys room". ('Cause everyone knows they's smokin' in da laddie's room!)
The Swax line up is the youngest in many moons, what is of interest is that the MFYs opening day line up could be their youngest in a dog's age, too...

My acceptance speech in total:
"I clawed my way to the middle. Thanks, Mom!"

I have oft sated to any who may be inclined to listen to an average guy such as me... "All you have to do to be a superstar is perform the basic job requirements". Holes true in baseball too.

Mmm Google spell fix great stuff. Holes.. Holds.. Yes there are also some true holes in baseball

And one of those holes will be the Red Sox lineup while Big Papi is out.

I thought we'd see something about Varitek's modelling career today:
If the long url doesn't work try http://www.boston.com/names/.
Check out some of the adoring looks he's getting (mostly gals, one guy as well). I'm not sure but there might be a teal dress in the front row.

Sitting in the back row watching the same half dozen fwops walk up to receive their prizes and certificates of merit for math, science fair, most improved athlete, POY, etc. has always done SO MUCH to motivate me. (sarcasm)

What DOES motivate me to do better is read clever, creative posts from H.B. and the follow through from the posters (regular and irregular), and try to keep up. Not all of us are as clever as the author of this inscrutable blog, but we can all stay sharp as we can and make Mom proud.

As for me, I have to compensate with these impossible good looks of mine.



BWAHAHAHAHAHA! (I knew I couldn't say that and keep a straight face.)

Oh, Friday's off, right?

Wish I was the strip. I DO get next week off though, so that's something.

Okay, time for a little time off from the joy and satisfaction of advertising. Have a great weekend all. Hopefully we'll have something fun to yak about on Monday. Like why waking up at 11:00 is nice.

Hey HB - 2ft of snow this week at Cannon.

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