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Truck Day 2013


Always a good day.


Though I confess it just doesn't feel the same now that it's gone mainstream and everybody has a Truck Day.


Yeah, it all stahts so easily... a pink hat here, a little pink there.*



Then all of sudden it's a sea of pink hats, truck days galore, and you hear your fave teenage years obscure punk song pumped in as background Muzak while you're standing in the marble foyer of a 4 star hotel. Sigh.


It's like Nietzsche asked in The Parable of the Madman when he contemplated a world where nothing is sacred, "What water is there for us to clean ourselves? What festivals of atonement, what sacred games shall we have to invent?"


Emerson says, "Nothing is at last sacred but the integrity of your own mind."


Well, then, we *are* totally fucked.


Yeah we are.



Emerson's profound, but I've heard that Lake and Palmer wrote most of the lyrics.

"Man alone; born of stone;
Will stamp the dust of time
His hands strike the flame of his soul;
Ties a rope to a tree and hangs the Universe
Until the winds of laughter blows cold."

Having loaded and unloaded trucks for money or into a by- the- hour rental numerous times, the last thing I'd want is an audience, TV crews and pink hats.
"You can't fix stupid"-Ron White
Theintelligenceofthebodypoliticisseriouslyfuckedup.-Hunter S. Thompson in 1975!

Great guffaws. Emerson...on Integrity...at WriteWork.com! Fight on Hahvard! Gummint 1310 lives forever!

Nice work out of you...Keep on keeping on!

Brilliant h.b., simply brilliant.

also Muzak is being rebranded, to "Mood". So, what do we have left?


Welcome back, my friends
to the show that never ends.
We're so glad you could attend!
Come inside! Come inside!

ELP. Ugh. Overwrought. Pretentious. Just weighting in as a voice of reason.

EL&P put on an act that had to be seen live. Otherwise, you won't get it.
It can be related to seeing the Sox/NYY in that Stadium that Ruth built(pre-1972) and seeing the same match up in the house the over taxed residents of New York had foisted upon NYSSR taxpayers. The old, original Stadium in the Bronx was special, in a way it never was after Steinbrenner gutted and rebuilt it. I will never visit the current Stadium in the Bronx, period.

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