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That's amore

Well, today is the last day with a Pope and tomorrow it's SEQUESTAHGEDDON



Planes will fall from the sky, our drinking watah will be poison, and the national pahks will close... I mean holy fucking shit, people, THE NATIONAL PAHKS!!!!


I'm just glad that before the world as we know ends (again) I can scratch "get quoted by ESPN" off my bucket list.


Wait, wut? Where?


But's it's unattributed.


But Al's like pornography, you know it when you see it.


True. And since Al happens to be a BMI-challenged Pisan with a priapismic bonah for mozzarel, the "takes one to know one" veracity has been fully vetted.


Speaking of... anyone up for an early lunch?



LOL to that.
MLB network showed six innings of Sox/O's with Don and the Remdawg, so I got their act on the big screen with the surround speakers. For now, Mudville has snow on top of a solid quarter inch of ice, but I didn't care last night. I had Don and Jerry on the big screen with the good speakahs and a lowboy of Cutty.

Nope, that wasn't me. I yelled, "Fat Italian, go eat some sfogliatelle."

Is it Friday the 13th yet?? ;O

HB - for all your "I might retire" talk, this week's strips have been up there in your pantheon of classics. Mike's last line is the shit. So whatever you're taking to get the creative juices flowing, keep it up...and send me some.

Thanks Sonomasox.

You know, I always go through an end of season funk, but the collapse of 2011 followed by the year of Valentine really, really created a funk of funks this past year.

Things just feel brighter these days.

Like cmdrflake I caught the Don and Remdawg on MLB last night and it was the first time I was just happily content to watch the Red Sox in a very long time.

Great job as always, hb. Here's to even brighter days and more strips ahead!

as usual, let me be the last to the party and say that amidst all the ennui/evanescent hopefulness, hb has hit the mark since year's end. This is not the end of the Red Sox (well, it is), but a birth of a new, layered chapter of enlightened suffering that is enriched by this creepy strip.


oh, and good sunsets still available....

"Even in absentia, Bobby Valentine remains the gift that keeps on giving...

'I thought I did a hell of a job in Boston,' Valentine was quoted as saying at his press conference."

The guy is just flat out delusional!

"The gift that keeps on giving"-kind of like an STD,Steve?? ;D

One can only hope that this is David Price or Evan Longoria:


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