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Now he's gonna show us

Can't say that I blame them...


Howevah, with that said, I'm also looking optimistically forward to staht of this season in way I nevah evah did last year.


Yeah, everyone but John Henry knew last year was ovah befoah it stahted once they inexplicably hired Bobby Valentine.


Seriously, hiring Veet is like allowing a cat to win a dog show, you're like "How in the frig did that just happen?"


Speaking of things that don't make much sense, Dice-K wants to "seek revenge" on the Red Sox? WTF?


First of all, yeah, WTF? Second of all, what's he gonna do for revenge, walk 7 battahs in the first 2 innings while putting everyone else into a zombie stupor from the boredom of watching his tortuously lame ass excuse for pitching?


It'd be funny if he was waiting all this time for the perfect opportunity to unleash the fury of the Gyroball.


Now that would be fucking Ninja.



It wasn't a cat that won Westminster. That thing was a monkey.

Regarding revenge-seeking Dice-K. What is he seeking revenge for? The ridiculous contract he was given? The team sticking with him even when he sucked (read, every year other than the first two)? Oh, wait, I know: the Red Sox only hired one translator for him, instead of the two he wanted. Because he talks shit, don't ya know.

We never should have beat him with all that money on his way into town. We dishonored him in the eyes of his people who work because work is good and not to be valued or traded for copious amounts of money.

Also, he once had bad sushi here. Great dishonor. We shall never be forgiven.

World Baseball Classic:Damaged Goods

Evidently Pistorius is claiming he thought she was a replicant.

Pride precedeth fall
With White Sox, Mothra will come
Cold is best revenge.

Matsusaka San doth pitch at a relaxed pace. If he faces a healthy Youk, the AB could be upwards of a half hour to 45 minutes.

Fwiw, HB, I really dig this strip. Perfect baseball watercoooler bullshit.

So, how 'bout Adrian Gonzalez and Carl Crawford ripping on the Red Sox? I once thought they were both 5 tool players; turns out they're just tools.

Good riddance to both. Especially Crawford.

Glad to see that Youk is fitting in with his new family.

As much fun as it is to get whipped into a lather over the Revenge of Dice-K, it is worth noting all he said was that he'd like to FACE the Red Sox. Maybe he just wants a chance to prove himself and regain a bit of honor.

I'm not his biggest fan, but he never got much of a chance in Boston, and I think part of it is our inability to understand Asian views of honor and respect.

Oh hell, and I don't know much about "honor" in the modern world, but when I was a kid, if you blew your arm out for the glory of Japan in the World Basu Baru Classic and were never again worth a damn, well you gave your portion of the hundred million back and THEN you slit your belly. 'Course that was some time ago.

He never got much of a chance in Boston???



Anyway, have a great weekend all. Hopefully we'll have something fun to yak about on Monday.


Hi Bob, hasn't happened yet.


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