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Moving on

I love this pic of Tek and Pedro at Spring Training.


Yeah, but somebody needs to crop out Ben Cherington.


No love for, Ben, eh?


I hate to agree with the CHB, but I think Cherington has to take some blame for shitopocalypse we found ourselves in.


New day, new day...



i sense a 2-0 start!

It's not uncommon to lose a game to the college kids. They're all hyped up, while the pros are just getting warmed up. Plus, I think Lackey is pitching today. (I still stand by my 17 win prediction though. I CAN count spring training games, right?)

That pix is priceless. It's like two titans, and Barry from Billerica.

Varitek looks like he's been rescuing the entire pitching staff from fried chicken and beer.

Natalie - your dream boy needs to buy a thighmaster.

Bread, Tek could eat a thigh master in his sleep or, better for him, sell it in an infomercial. ;-)!

yb- http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lXQw8ZrDiTY
Everything about that man's body is delightful, and I brook no argument on that score. :)

Pedro: You see Ben, this is a baseball.

Tek-thought-bubble: I told you Pedro, babysitting this clown is not worth a paycheck. C'mon, let's call Natalie and head out for beer and chicken.

So, up to 12 more inches of snow this weekend. I think I'm going to work on my new project, the Plowcycle. It's just a motorcycle with a plow in front, to reach those hard-to-reach places. Like Dorchester.

...but can you bury cars with it??? ;D

I can bury motorcycles with it. And kids' bikes. And kids.

...and your little dog too!!

This is frigging hilarious. Somebody bought the URL to Guy Fieri's godawful New York restaurant, Guys American Kitchen and Bar. (Fieri's real site is GuysAmerican.com.)


Have a great snoweekend all. Hopefully we'll have something fun to yak about on Monday.

@Bob - even that guy is a fake. Plagiarized most off Twitter. I think most here in his own backyard have given up on Fieri. And, he's starting a winery now: Powerfully Purple Pinot & Crazy Sharpe Chardonnay.

Mofo is laughing all the way to the bank. I'd put on some weight, bleach my hairs and wear my glasses backwards for that paycheck too. Then go find someone to cook me a good meal. But I do think the new restaurant is serving some jumped shark.

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