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Make way for aces

So I open my Red Sox news alert email from Google this morning and I read that Aceves has "issues" and "clashes" with coaches by "testing the limits" and I'm like holy shit!


But then I follow the links and find that it was only a case of a bruised ego followed by some passavive aggressive recalcitrance which was nipped in the bud expertly by a professional coaching staff.


Yeah, but I guess "The Manager Manages" doesn't make for great copy.


Meanwhile, anybody else notice what got Aceves pissed in the first place?


John Lackey taking Aceves' scheduled 10:45am live BP slot.


Yep, John Fucking Lackey. Sigh.


Hey, now, when The Ace wants your spot, you give your spot to The Ace. Heh.



There is no way they can appease 'Fredo, without pissing off some one else. This is a guy that managed to drive both Tito and Bobby Veets to distraction and, while he can pitch, fears of another bad deal have to be ignored in the interest of harmony in the house.

(In best WEEI first-time-long-time voice): I think we should trade Aceves for King Felix. We could throw in a AA minor league pitcher if we have to.

Lackey. Figures.

I thought for sure today's strip would work in Danica Patrick on a pole.

Bob, in true 'EEI fashion, wouldn't Seattle have to throw in the AA guy to make it fair?

While on the subject, Ordway was remarkably gracious and classy last week. I confess to being one of those who has strayed (although still listening to them during commercials on 'BZ), but I doubt I would have handled an exit as well as he did

Prediction: Lackey will have a very good year.

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