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Knot your scarves, it's the 2013 Red Sox

The team isn't for sale.


In fact, rumahs of such are laughable, laughable I tell you.


Liverpool isn't a distraction.


Ownahship isn't in it for the money


Moreovah, despite what you may have heard, John Henry friggin loves baseball.


So there. Move along people. Buy tickets. Stop your friggin bitchin.





Or we can go old school:


The truth hits everybody...

Lots of denial in that article. I'm now expecting a sale any day now.

Frank McCourt is the model and cautionary tale for all high rollers. The gang of three just might have to sell, with the tax situation being what it is, and can only get worse.

cmdr - PLEASE tell me you aren't going political on us with that comment. Please, please, please. My Red Sox ennui will not be overcome by another fucking political discussion.

what RIC sed


I won Green Monster seats this year. Moving along now.

I guess we finally know what HB looks like. Glad the revelation was in video form. Thanks, HB. Nice stache.

Turned the B's on last night and found them down 3-0 with 15 or so remaining minutes. I threw in the towel. Foolish me.

The situation is what it is.

FM made out like a bandit.

So, Glenn Ordway out, Mike Salk back in Boston to replace him.

Go redsox. These are my beloved redsox. The only ones available. No other models in production. GO REDSOX!

Yeah, Bob. His demo was too old. I guess frank from Glos doesn't attract the 25-42's the way he used to. He's a pro. He'll survive. Give it to the guy, he propped up Johnny Most, when Mr. Most was mostly a wax figure in his waning years behind the Celtics' mike.



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