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Gonna getcha

OK, so not only is Pedro back in the fold along with Varitek in mentoring roles, but now Wake is back too?


Talk about dreaming of Nantucket wine in a gray wood.


I know. Fantastic isn't, it?


And to think that just a year ago we were a heap of broken images, where the sun beats, and the crappy managah gives no shelter.


As if that isn't enough, the crappy managah is now the Crappy Executive Director of Intercollegiate Athletics at Sacred Heart University.


Hello, yeah, is this the Instant Karma Hotline? Great, yeah, I just wanted to say thank you!



"...Nantucket wine..." is from a Lyn Lifshin poem (no web link avail). And the "We were a heap of broken images..." line is hat tip to the master and his masterpiece, T.S. Eliot/The Wasteland.

Right now I'm just dreaming of a return to respectability.

Venice Daphne Running Backwards by Lyn Lifshin

Not only is Bobby V. the athlete director, he's also the mascot (Big Red the Pioneer):


Well done Bob!

That mascot really could be Veets!
Poetry got me tossed out of college--twice for the same reason: 1.0 don't get it done.
But, if he can maintain his motion, Lester could be around 1.0 for a while...

Jesus, hb, between Tek and Wake news, Nantucket and TS Eliot references, and a Bobby Veet slam, are you trying to turn my crank? Because you did. :)

Lyn Lifshin on Soxaholix? Yes please. Another reason why I am still here, lurking, every single day! HB - thanks!

Agreed, Larry. There's something "vintage" in today's post. A very fine vintage.

Don't know much 'bout poetry, but that was pretty fine. Thanks, H.B.

First time I've seen Nantucket used in a poem where it didn't rhyme with "Fuck It".

just saying.


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