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Finding the downward plane

So the weathah this February has three options...


1) Snow 2) Snow hahd 3) Snow wicked hahd


Speaking of fluffy predictions, it looks like they may have found out why Lestah went from Cy Young contendah in 2010 to meatball vendah thereaftah...


Wait a second, you mean it wasn't because of beer and chicken? There goes the friggin narrative.


Seriously. If Lestah can return to his formah self, well, all of sudden we could find ourselves waxing gourds for a cornucopia.



Three things:
(1) mighty strip, hb
(2) Ben Afleck, 'Sawx supporter or no, is a dick.
(3) Buckner Was Framed, Bob, me and ors* are planning a rendezvous on about 13th September pre Yankees game. Possibly at the Baseball Tavern. As Buck put it so eloquently - Friday 13th v MFY: what could possibly go wrong!

* that's like others in legalese

We could invite Bobby ors*, sdu.

Farrell will be the Maharishi Mahesh Yogi to the pitching staff's Beatles.

(Hmm, perhaps not such a good example.)

Damn, SDU, I'm going to be in Vegas that weekend for a friend's wedding.

Oh, the Oscars last night. For me, there was really only one big highlight: Shirley Bassey belting out "Goldfinger." That got my tingles going.

I like to think a certain creepy site had something to do with this:


Sriracha on the space station? Think there's a connection?

Space food, according to those that had the job of going up there, needs all the help it can get as it is bland and uninteresting.
And a shout out to the late, great Gert Frobe, who got away with overacting in Goldfinger with wonderful results.
"Do you expect me to talk?
"No, Mr. Bond I expect you to die!" Corn never tasted so good;_0 LOL...

The Bond/Bassey segment was the one part of the show that my roommate accidentally deleted from our DVR buffer during one of the commercial breaks. I'm planning on looking it up online after work today.

But Kaz, who will bring the crab cakes?

According to Peter King of SI.com, Tom Brady and the Patriots have agreed on a three-year extension that will keep the quarterback with the Patriots through the 2017 season, when he'll be 40 years old.

9/13 hmm. ok

Count me in ;)

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