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I've got nothing this morning.


Are you kidding me? I totally woke up on the Doubrant side of the bed.




I need to set my iPhone wake up alarm to the voice of Pedro saying "¡Levantarse, coño!"



Callahan's piece today has me as pumped up as Doubrant's waistline.

How out of shape can a 25 year-old be? How in shape does a pitcher need to be? Remember the words of Kruk. "I am not an athlete I am a baseball player."

Lackey probably pumped him full of chicken and beer...

How about Aceves and Doubrant as a tag team?

Tag team? Hmmm, back to my old "script" writing days:

Ginger, wearing a French maid's outfit, is using a feather duster to clean her collection of glass unicorn figurines. Suddenly, the doorbell rings. Ginger opens the door, and standing there are Aceves and Doubrant. Shirtless. Ginger: Hello boys...what do you want. Doubrant: A donut, please. Aceves: Idiot! She wants us to tag team her. Doubrant takes Ginger's arm and starts biting it. Aceves: No, Felix! Tag team means we all have sex together. Doubrant: Mex? I LOVE tacos! Ginger sighs and slams the door on the two men. She then bangs the plumber who just happens to be in her kitchen.

Con permiso:

"Levantarse"-¡Levántate! (Command form.)

"Coño"-Perfect. And so common, in Spain at least, as to nearly lose its shock value entirely.

Also, "Doubrant" is a good anagram for "round bat".


Gracias. Te acuerdo.

De nada, señor.

Las gracias te debemos todos a ti.

I love it when hb and pablito talk dirty in foreign tongue. As for Bob, the Porn Industry lost a great one when they let you go - the plumber (novus actus interveniens) was inspired.

Maybe that should be novus tabernarius interveniens. Where is Jason O when you need him?

just a coincidence you need Jason O to decipher porn, I'm guessing


Clearly I will need yet another language when I get down your way.

Who knew?

Carpe beerum, or whatever.

Ginger? No. Maryanne? Si.

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