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Quoth the raven

I mean didn't he get the memo: arrogance is so fucking in.



NH needs to change its motto to "Live arrogantly or die."


Fuck yeah they do.



The ultimate arrogant prick was on most networks yesterday for the world to see, unvarnished and so far left as to be driving in the left ditch, if he didn't pay attention he'd crash into it. Yet, he relishes the traveling in the risky, much too far left lane of life and politics. He was like Yaz leaving left center field undefended, daring a right handed pull hitter to test his speed. Arrognce like that is high risk stuff, not for everyone.
Who said I didn't listen to or read pundits who could write like that without the aid of Jamacian cold medicine.

I may need to move to NH. That, and the fact that Devalue wants 6.25% of my income now

BWF. Consider Indiana. 3.4% state income tax, embarrassing low property taxes, a balanced budget, and a state government that works. Downside - good seafood is hard to find, not much in the way of history compared to the Boston area, and what you call 'tonic' your kids will call 'pop'.

and it's.... Indiana :-)

I know. I always ranked it next to Mississippi as a state I would never live in. But life takes strange twists.

Mississippi is the worst state in the US, in my opinion. Nothing redeemable about it. We drove through it en route to Corith/Shiloh battlegrounds this summer and there were signs along the road that said "JESUS" in letters like the Hollywood sign. I said to the bf after the third one we saw, "that about sums up exactly how I feel about MS: JESUS!!!"

I lived in Mississippi for several years. Really had an enjoyable time of it, especially the part about being able to go out to any old random cow field and pick garbage bags full of psilocybin mushrooms that grow like, er, mushrooms there... oh, my, the things I have seen.

Psychedelic mushrooms are about the only thing that would make MS livable for me. You had a slugburger, hb? That is some artery hardening shit, but delightful in the way deep fried things usually are.

I liked a lot about MS. Excellent catfish, great place to to outdoors stuff like hiking and canoeing and shooting guns, the weather is nice, and I really liked the slow pace as well as, believe it or not, the incredible comfort and geniality between whites and blacks that you just do not even get a whiff of in MA, NH, ME etc.

Also there is some really great college baseball played there (and the rest of the SEC).

Finally, I don't think one can truly understand Faulkner, without spending a stretch of time in Mississippi. (Not that this is important to most people, but it was for me, at the time at least.)

No, it's a bit too rural and poor for me to want to make a permanent home there, but I have nothing but pleasant memories of my years there.

And Uncle Sam grows some fine stash in Oxford.

If living in Mississippi would make me understand Faulkner now I know I don't wanna go there.

I'll work on understanding James Joyce and take beer over bourbon and peat smoke over french moss.

Also there are a lot of fine looking women there who find a fellow with a New England accent and manners quite curious and intriguing and titillating, if you know what I mean.

Indeed, it was the scent of Magnolia that summoned and released my inner alpha male that had been dormant in the frigid Northeast.

(Well, that and the mushroom trips.)

Took a Joyce seminar in college. Reading Ulysses remains one of my most adored literary triumphs ever. So I'm with you, Rudi. Never got much into Faulkner- I was all about the Brits.

Now Southern alpha males? THOSE I can get into (or rather, vice versa, ifyaknowwhatimean ;)

I was in college in Northern Indiana for the Bears - Patriots Super Bowl. Yankees fans have nothing on Bears fans in the insufferable prickishness department.

However, we were just back in Indy this fall to visit family. I sure wouldn't mind owning a brand new very nice 2500 sq foot home in a close in suburb of a major city for $120K.

Rudi and Nat,

I hear you re Faulkner. That's what I mean by you have to spend time there to get his novels.

I read the entire Faulkner oeuvre while in Mississippi. It was a defining literary experience for me. Indeed, there is a direct connection between that and this creepy strip, i.e., Faulkner taught me so much about exploring regionalism and "creepy niches." Also I learned to drop pretense and write about anything. That led to my first blog experience which then led to Soxaholix.

Caveat: I do not mean to imply in any way that what gets written here is literary or Faulkneresque, just that my Faulkner period played a role in who I am today.

... and send the kids to Carmel High School.

What's your favorite Faulker, hb? I'm partial to As I Lay Dying, myself, but only because I took it during an amazing seminar on Time in the Novel where I also read Rushdie's spectacular Midnight's Children.


You nailed it. As I Lay Dying is my fave.

Buck up, Buckner. You're going to be paying less in sales tax if the whole thing goes through as planned. In total, you will probably pay less on the year as a result...unless you're in the top income brackets where income tax increases will outweigh daily spending habits.

Now, if we could just shed the stupid antiquated flat tax, we probably wouldn't need to increase most people's income tax rates at all.

Fucking amazing he wrote that in mere weeks and didn't change a word.

Kaz, I get it, but somehow it seems less painful to pay it in 89 cent increments rather than a couple extra hundred all at once. And I haven't forgotten that my heretofore untaxed interwebs purchases will now be fully taxed. Bottom line though is the fact that the legislature, including those who haven't (yet) been indicted, are ignoring the will of the people as voted upon a few years back re: rolling back the tax rate

On to baseball. Just got an email from the Sox ticket office (or whatever part of the mob controls the tickets these days). Big image of Ortiz with the slogan '162 Chances to Restore the Faith'. Confusing. They know they need to restore the faith of the fans? Or they question my faith as a fan?

Sure it didn't read "162 chances to restore the faitour"?

Faulkner? Hewasawhoredoingcheapassedscreenplaystopayforhisfuckeduplifestyle. HST

More like they have about 162 chances to restore face.

You have Boston, you have DFW: you don't need MS and Falkner. And remember that you get what you pay for, or what someone with more infrastructure makes you pay for before you get them to pay for it instead.

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