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Clean slate

Happy New Year, everyone.


You know, I'm actually feeling pretty good about 2013.


Well, why not? I mean think about it...


We survived Bobby Valentine, the Mayan Apocalypse, and the Fiscal Cliff.


After that, 2013 is going to be a walk in the pahk.


Are you kidding me, 2013 is going to be like a walk in the pahk and a float on a Swan boat.



After the way 2012 stunk out the world, could 2013 be better just by not being 2012? Sure, like John Farrell being better than Bobby Valentine by simply not being Bobby Valentine.

I think the trilogy has yet to be completed. Stink (2011), stank (2012), stunk (2013). I am just not feeling the love for the Sox these days.

I think the Sox are going to do fine in 2013. Think about it: the brain trust knows they need to do something positive on the field to suck in the pink hatters and steal their money through stupid promotions; 2012 proved that.

I, for one, and looking forward to the continued influence of a Drew on the club.

A SB win and a Stanley Cup in an abbreviated season will dull the pain of the 2013 season.

Welcome back hb and Happy New Year to all. I saw that Veet got an NBC Radio talk show gig. Thank God his smug mug won't be back in the ESPN broadcast booth, at least not yet. That alone gets 2013 off to a good start.

I choose to agree with yazbread. Need me some blood on the ice until late June. By then the Sox will either be dead or deader

Come on, did we give up when the Germans bombed Pearl Harbor?

I can't see how this team loses more than 81 games.

Only if they play 82, Bob.

See you in the Series,



I got AppleTV for Christmas and it's got a handy little portal to MLB TV. After a depressing, liver-killing, soul-crushing 2012 of non-watching, I am ready to dive back in, full bore, multi-media and all Sox all the time. Pitchers and catchers in 38 days, people! Let's get excited. :)

Welcome back, hb. Personally, I am very bullish on the '13 Sox. Bullpen is absolutely lights out and that will help the starters. Big rebound years for Lester and Lackey. Even better, Matsuzaka is nowhere to be seen. Lineup is solid with decent and some great hitters top to bottom. But even better, Yankees are old, beat-up, worn out and in real trouble. We make post season; they do not. What's not to like about that??

It seems that Santa was very generous with the hallucinogens this year.

New year, clean slate. Until they give me a reason to hate, I'm on board and drinking the kool aid. Woohooo!

...and Nat's back in town ;))

I want to be upbeat about 2013 but I'm afraid I agree with Yazbread -- both posts. If we're counting on Lackey to have a comeback year, we're in deep shit and my question is "Come back to what? His best with the Sox was horrible. We'd be better off bringing Pedro back out of retirement.

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