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Yeah, you know...

Your omniscient author in absentia:
I know many, if not most of you come here for a bit of diversion from the standard news of the day and generally I'm more than happy to oblige. Today, though, I've just got a case of the somber and can't seem to generate a strip.



We deal with issues each in our own way. Here's hoping we don't lose sight of that.
In Israel, they believe in returning to normal as soon as possible after the public mourning is completed. Their courage and sense of resolve has been lost here.

Couldn't agree more, cmdrflake.

Would be a lot easier to just have a normal Monday if it were not pretty much the slowest time of the baseball season (well, technically early January is even slower, but...)

Also since my plans are to take Fridays off, but I did a strip Friday last because I had one in my head, I was leaning toward taking today off anyway.

Slow? The Red Sox just apparently signed another Drew to the team. I guess because it went so well the last time.

We have police officers in every school today in our county. Seems like fear mongering to me, and more likely to stress in the kids than alleviate it. But I guess they had to do "something" to keep the parents happy.

Here in western Mass, we are not that far from Newtown in distance, size, setting and temperament.

Mrs. Wrong has been out of sort, I have dealt with it in more of the "let's not lose sight of main issues" one of which is there in no need for civilians (any civilians) to have assault weapons and other large clip, rapid fire weapons. Maybe an unpopular view on this site, but it's where I stand.

Jack, you are not wrong. "We" spend far too much effort making sure the cause and solution to a big problem is someone else's cuase and the solution is elsewhere as well. Some gun control does not need to mean disarming the citizenry as some want to claim. Slippery slopes are for cowards and the lazy. This whole episode in Newtown, combined with Giffords, movie theater, VT, etc. is a big problem for a country/community that believes itself above the fray of the typical problems around the world. We try too hard to make sure each episode of disaster can be blamed on specific disease, a disorder, a bad parent, a single law or lack thereof, a violent tv show,......... It is so much easier than looking at maybe a larger cultural issue that should be addressed. Why do we know who the shooter is and barely the victims? Why do we give him this glory? Why do we rank our shootings as first or second worst ever? Why can we not even talk about the fact that not all guns are the same? And on and on.... I am not offering solution, just begging for honest and critical review of them, us, all of it. And yet, the news cycle will change by friday if not xmas and cue up the next massacre...

You are Right, Mr. Wrong!

I am conflicted and definitely having a conversation with myself and others about our laws. I am beginning to think that we need to talk more about the weight carried by the phrase "well ordered" in the 2nd Amendment.

Many years ago I hunted deer with my dad in the White Mountains. My .35 Remington itself was a pretty powerful weapon and required a tremendous sense of responsibility. I can't understand the desire (or need) to own military-style weaponry.

Wrong is right.

Longtime red voter, still weeping over Nov elections.
Today, I stand with the Prez.

Killing machines are so far removed from the musket-by-every-door, it's ridiculous. If our Constitution safeguards this atrocity, we need to rethink words-on-paper versus blood-in-classrooms/theaters/malls/campuses/trains.

Get back on track, GOP.

Agreed Yazbread. I have bird hunted, and used a over-under shot gun and I am not begrudging true hunters their weapons. If we want to talk about allowing folks to own 2 or 3 shot rifles, shotguns or old-style muzzle-load rifles used for hunting or home defense, I am all ears...but I believe the conversation about military/police style weapons is over.

Lastly, a Constitutional Law professor told me way back in college that the Framers of the Constitution were referring to "arms" that were necessary for home-defense, and subsistence hunting...I can support that type of 2nd amendment

Libertarian, with a concealed carry license. Probably know where I stand.

Advocating gun control does NOT argue against second amendment rights - you may have a gun but not one designed for mass murder.
Why is this so hard for politicians to accept?


If the "mass murder" weapon point was off the table, as well as the aforementioned hunting weapons point, then all the focus and debate could be on the part of the debate were there is the least amount of agreement: hand guns (concealed or otherwise)

hb, i admittedly have not spent the time i should have by now understanding the libertarian point of view of some issues. There are certainly parts i agree with a lot. And the fact that you, i think, are a responsible adult looking for no nanny and freedom to exercise your responsibility givesme no pause. How though to apply that concept to the not so responsible, and the outright fucking nutjobs? This is a sincere question. I may be labeled a nannystater for that, but my concern is just a pragmatic concern for, say, my kids in a public school without personal protection.

h.b. does that mean your interpretation of the 2nd Amendment is so broad as to include no ban on assault weapons? I'll assume stricter licensing of guns (making obtaining a gun more akin to getting ones driver's license- written and practical test- plus mental health eval) is a complete non-starter for you, alas, but I truly don't understand anyone not agreeing to a restriction on civilian ownership of military grade "mass murder" weapons, to Jack Wrong's point.

A good friend's daughter is a teacher at Newtown High. When they went into lockdown, no one could reach her. Let me tell you, thqat was some high anxiety.

Mrs. Rob is a principal (middle school, 6th-8th graders) here in the state, and it's been a tough day for everyone at her school. The local state trooper has been highly visible today at the school "campus" where all three schools are located. While I expressed concern that such a presence might unduly stress kids (and parents), she seems to feel based on anecdotal experience that it has been a comfort for the kids. (It's not exactly as if they don't know what's going on, I guess.)

Let me assure you I take no comfort knowing my wife would be running toward the line of fire in the event of an "issue". Educators aren't paid enough for this.

Jack Wrong, as a hunter I appreciate your measured viewpoint on this difficult issue. I agre with your general assessment. Let's not also lose sight of the need for improved mental heath care and advocacy. I gained a lot of respect for POTUS during his initial press conference. Measured, heart-felt and sincere.

Prayers go out to all affected.

I won't be drawn into this debate. Sorry.

Fair enough, hb. Emotions are high. To blatantly change the subject, pitchers and catchers report 57 days from now. That doesn't seem so long on the face of it, but in reality you know it's going to be like fucking Atreyu's voyage in the NeverEnding Story, but without that weird giant flying cocker spaniel thing to rescue us in the middle of the muddy dark days.

HB, I respect your declining the debate, but if you are not part of it, you may not like the outcome.

By all accounts, the President's press conference last night was well-received. Am I the only once that found it treacly and embarrassing? Or is it just that the invocation of scripture and a heavenly afterlife set me on edge?

Re. Obama's speech - Am I the only one who changed the channel to CNBC so I could watch the Pats without interruptions? I'm as outraged as you all are about the events in Newtown, but this was Pats-Niners for chrissake. Couldn't he have come on at 8?

Speaking of embarrassing, how about that first half by the Patriots last night?

Oh, I'm part of the debate, just not here on Soxaholix (or most of the internet... nobody ever changes their mind over a pithy comment they read on a blog.)

And the 2nd Amendment has been holding up quite well and I expect it to continue... people are just upset right now, understandably so.

It must be in the air. I took today off, too.

That same day, i was at son's high school to see him in a play. A christmas carol. They did well i must say. But when going there, i tried a side door to avoid a long walk to the theater. Open! I thought to myself, i cant believe this is not secured given how nutty some folks get.... Then i saw the news a little later in Newtown. So im back to my first point there is much to look at, not just one easy to label cause. And i wish we could all take our team jerseys off and get to some solutioning. And one day i will find an answer to my question hb. I have a card carrying libertarian uncle, but i dont see him so often unfortunately.


Sorry forgot to answer your question, or try to...

I agree, nut jobs issue needs rethinking. We don't want to just "institutionalize" people who are a bit weird/diff ala the 50s but we need to rethink how we now let the truly deranged just walk around among us.

And, let's face it, these mass murder events are extremely rare and they are almost always the work of someone who is mentally ill.

Meanwhile, I still fear a despotic, militarized government dictatorship coming and rounding us all up like unarmed sheep in a "no guns, no 2nd Amendment world" more than I fear the rare, random nut job with an assault rifle.

So, yeah, I'm one of those creepy Libertarians who actually reads the "militia" in 2nd amendment literally, as in the Minuteman, as in being able to fight back against a hostile government that no longer is working for the people but against the people. (Well, that and the zombie apocalypse, of course... seriously, if there ever is a break down in society, say post plague or post EMP, you definitely want to befriend somebody who has lots of weaponry and can offer you some protection... once society breaks down, it won't be non-violent or non-lethal... and your well-meaning, nanny government won't be there to help you.)

but in the meantime between now and the apocalypse is the price that we pay for the right to bear arms what we are willing to bear? I'm just saying... I'm just so sad that this kid and Mom could not get the help they needed. That in spite her successful attempts to install a sense of responsibility about guns she couldn't touch his heart about the morality of when to use guns and how to make life an death decisions. He was a very bright young man but he was disassociated from humanity.

Oh, and I agree with you, pithy comments on a blog won't change peoples minds. Thanks for reading - those who did. Hug your kids today.


I'm sad, too. But I don't think banning weapons is the answer.

And just so you know I have some skin in this game: my wife is a teacher; my wife is a special ed teacher specializing in kids who are emotionally disturbed and often with a violent streak; my wife is trained to in several types of self defense for at school "take downs" and "restraints" that do occur; my wife deals with CPS and the police on a regular basis; on occasion my wife needs to recommend that a particular student is a danger to himself and to others and needs to be removed from the school -- sometimes her recommendation is followed, sometimes it is not...

So, yeah, it's not something I take lightly.

Heavy, dreary days - Drew signing doesn't help.
Agree on the mental health issues and with Jack and most certainly with vasoxfan....and w/ HB on the changing minds piece.

My mother-in-law stabbed 3 people about 15 years ago. Thankfully she did not have a gun, nobody died and she is now a ward of the State. If not for that incident she would still be roaming - and my wife and I fear the day of her release and try to ensure that doesn't happen. The mental health world is in desperate need attention.

I know you are a thoughtful man - so I respect where your coming from. I appreciate you sharing what your wife deals with. It's a special person who deals with our troubled kids. Tell her thanks for me. If this problem was easy to solve, one would assume it would have been done.

I'm not a gun owner. (Breathe easy, folks). I understand people wanting guns. There isn't the will to ban guns, or even some of them. I get it.
OK, then, gun people, how about some solutions? It should be all on the table after Newtown.

Hello? Is this thing on? Nothing?


lol, lc, how do we get you a spot at the leaders' table?

Want to own a gun? Fine. Then buy one of these. Especially if you have the financial means and your kid is a nut job. Unless you fear not being able to open it quick enough when the zombies storm into your house. We can offer a 'gun safe tax credit' as a financial incentive.

hb, thanks. i suppose thats the rub.. Optimism or pessimism about the future state of affairs and the need for or lack of need for protection in that future. and weighing such against today's state of affairs. I would like to weigh my 12 gauge against a few slackass redsox players. Or at least make em dance a little.

I don't believe there is a solution for random, horrific, acts of violence.

I just don't.

It's part of the grand bargain of life: at any moment life can be taken from you. Fair? Nope. Never has been, never will.

We want to think that everything can be put under some sort of control and we can prevent bad things or, if we can't control bad/evil things, there we want to believe there is some "reason" (e.g., God's will, or bad parents, or violent video games).

It's frightening to realize there is no such control.

This is the "letting go" i.e, letting go of the idea that one can control the universe, that you'll see referenced in many eastern religions like Zen.

Heh. That posted at 4:20.

Then that is where we differ. I got into medicine for that very reason. 100 years ago you got bleed if you were sick...if you died, that was just the way it was...harsh reality of life. I believe there things we can understand and change or at least worth trying to change, even the smallest percentage. This is one of them. And I am willing to piss off some assault weapon. concealed weapon carrying folks to do it.

omitted "sick"

hb, you're well-entitled to take a moment to breathe and reflect before saying anything... that's pretty much always good advice, and may be especially true after something as abominable as what took place last friday... and the personal background you shared indeed is evidence you think hard about such things... of course, as your readers, we all know you think hard about life in many different ways... and the zen attitude, yes, again, very very wise... if i may, the problem isn't whether you have or make use of a concealed carry permit, but whether we as a nation take proper care of our mentally ill, which we absolutely do not, whether we raise our young men to honestly value people regardless of their physical strength, which we generally do not, and whether we will continue to allow extremists such as the nra to supply the dominant narrative about the second amendment, and all that it really says and means, by rigidly interpreting it as an authorization of general ownership of high-capacity weaponry... i suspect that's all that people are asking you, and others with a similar philosophy, to spend some time reflecting upon... we do have a lot more that unites us than divides us...

I'm an NRA member, too.

Like I've written before, if we were together in the same room in real life, our views would be so diametrically opposed that you wouldn't spit on me if I was on fire.

Oh, and Nancy Lanza, the mom, to quote numerous sources (this is not my usual cheap shot, actually reported as such) was "diehard Red Sox fan".



Back from work,did I miss anything today?? ;O

For a bunch of creeps we can sure have a thoughtful and engaging discourse when we want to. Thank you all for that, and to hb, Rob, sonoma and others who shared personal experiences to illustrate their particular viewpoint. I myself come from a family of educators, many of whom work with special needs clients. I cannot begin to fathom how they have the patience to do what they do, let alone be fearful of their lives. I also just recently obtained my license to carry and was pleasantly surprised at the hoops I had to jump through in my small town of nowhere, MA to obtain said permit. Successful completion of a gun safety class, 3 letters of recommendation from friends (that were all followed up on), a letter of intent from me to the local police chief and an interview with the issuing officer. So it would seem there are ways to restrict access without an outright ban. Yaz, you'll be happy to note that gun safes and/or trigger locks are mandatory too. Maybe that's too nanny state-ish for some of you but I think it's a reasonable precaution that any responsible owner would happily comply with. I really think lou said it best, as he often does: this has brought many issues to light and everything should be on the table. All reasonable solutions considered. Arming teachers is not the answer, but claiming you have a God-given "right" to own an assault rifle isn't either. We are at heart a good people and I hope we can find a safe practical middle ground.

Sorry for the ramble, but thanks as always for the forum to do so.

reading through us all being civil on a topic there is clearly some bitter division of thought over and finding it inspiring. (I'm using the royal 'us' as my 2 cents would just further muddy the waters and are probably unnecessary at this point). If only the whole country could be as reasonable as we bunch of miscreants on this creepy site.

We are about 3-5 years from being able to print operational guns at home on a 3D printer. Granted, they won't have the efficient killing power of an AR-15, not yet anyway.

If we really want to do something useful to limit the damage when somebody goes off the rails with a gun, maybe we should focus on limiting access to ammo.

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