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We the people

You know as bad as it's been for Red Sox fans the past couple years, it could be worse—we could be Livahpudlians.


I mean as this piece from Steve Silva points out, at least our owners are in the same region and share the same nationality.


But can you believe that John Henry was surprised to find that fans of both clubs were critical and felt slighted whenever money was spent on one club instead of the other even when both clubs were benefiting from the largesse?


I mean talk about being out of touch with the fans.


Well, aftah the scarf scene in the Moneyball movie, John Henry's aloofness doesn't phase me.


Yeah, with that kind of detachment and wealth, he really should consider a career in politics.



The rich are different from you and me. Their scarves don't have ketchup stains on them.

I am conflicted, but that is because in Mudville, the Bills are now in their 13th straight non-playoff season. They just plain suck and have made it their business to suck. But as a business model it works. This model was used during the 1953-66 period, when St. Thomas Yawkey ran the Sox like that, and did not care if they won or lost. Liverpool has had some rough patches, including now, but in the BPL instant improvement is possible, just open the vault and sign the next big thing that's available. We think free agency is doing damage to small/less wealthy teams here?In European Football (Soccer) players control the board. That's real free agency, folks. Man U, in the BPL, Real Madrid in the Federation and Bayerin Munchen all can spend their way to success without any worry over salary caps or luxury taxes.

Phase II: Where HB meets Twain

damn, I was hoping for a Shania Twain link

Thanks Buck', I can always use me a Shania link

Let's all wish sdu a happy birthday, eh? :)

Thanks Natalie - can we celebrate it in September next year when I come to NYC and Boston for a 'conference'.

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