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The brick oven heats up

Ladies & Gentlemen, Boys & Girls, the catcher first baseman, Mike Napoli.


3 years for a 31 year old guy the Rangers didn't want to go beyond 2 years for?


Considering the mahket and the club's needs, I'm fine with this deal at 3-years.


Napoli's a right-handed bat with powah, has demonstrated above average OBP skills, and provides us with some flexibility behind the plate.


Yeah, and I guess it's what you do when you have money to spend but want to get younger ovah the longah term and stay competitive in the shortah term.


Now that we've got that settled, let's move on to the important stuff—should I get the funghi or the anchovies?



A morel and chanterelle pizza?

How come the food stands at Fenway don't have player tie-ins? I'm sure they could sell chicken-and-rice if they branded it as "Pedro's", or maybe "Yastrzemski's Polish Sausages"? David Ortiz sells a line of hot sauces (my parents buy them) - those should be at the counter when you buy your "Julian Tavarez Batshit Tacos".

(On the other hand, they should probably leave Pumpsie Green well enough alone.)

Additional ideas:
* Curt Schilling Alaska salmon.
* El Tiante's Cuba Libre.
* Dustin Pedroia shrimp.
* Bronson Arroyo nuts.

Boog's BBQ at Camden Yards use to have some good food. Have not been there in many years though.

I'd have preferred they targeted Mauer

Boog's BBQ is not a tie in though. That is an actual business run by Boog.

Lets move beyond the mundane on to the sublime ....will 2013 Meme be 'Napi & Papi, we won't be crappy'?
Too lazy to check the sabremetrics, but I assume his OBP does not approach Youk. Otherwise, waste of money.

Sub-Mendoza line against LH pitchers. This will not go well...

I don't see anything to look forward to here at all. (Except lunch -- thanks H.B.)

This is one of those times where HB=characters, as I really am having pizza for lunch and I really am debating the mushroom vs the anchovies.

I have decided on the Peroni beer, though, so there's that.

That's not Youk. That's Yuk.

And, yes, I believe all work lunches outside the office should feature some alcohol. Carpe diem and fuck the nanny state.

(And to any Kennedy's who might be reading, feel free to fuck the nanny as well.)

Sounds like you've been listening to the Smiths...

I am enjoying a liquid lunch. The bizarre weather (65 degrees?) in Mudville has me doing Meyer's and coke.
ThefuckingKennedyslovedtheirwhores. (laughing)Thewhoreslovedtheirmoneyan'how.HST

HB - hope you went for the fungi. You should be seeing tracers in about 3, 2, 1...Put an old Dead show in the ear buds and enjoy the rest of the afternoon.

As to Napi...meh.

Hot buttered Goslings for lunch-hey.I'm on my last vacation ;O

...of this year (unless those those damn Mayans were right)

Consider what wiped the Mayan civilization out. A good antibiotic can wipe it out nowadays, unless it evolves into a resistant strain...
"Spock, they were destroyed by good intentions." (J.T.Kirk)

On a serious note, I am working my way through Jared Diamond's Collapse. Truly depressing.

I went with the a third way, a true classic, the margharita with the bufala mozz... and several Peroni's from the tap... life is good... I feel like Bob after beer cart except on a Tuesday

“After today, Boston should be a happier place, with less honking, less pushing, less rudeness.”
No, not because of Napoli or Victorino, but http://www.boston.com/yourtown/news/south_end/2012/12/hundreds_line_up_for_free_vibr.html

So, Robin Yount apparently shot Dale Sveum in the back and the ear with a BB gun while they are out hunting quail? You just can't make this sh*t up.

Who the hell hunts quail with a BB gun?


Pellets = shotgun pellets, not a BB gun. There are a shitload of BB size pellets in a shotgun shell.

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