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So much for the 'discipline' thing


Are you shitting me?


Yeah, I heard that and threw up my mouth.


Is Ben Cherington actually a zombie created from the brain of Lou Gorman?


Little potential upside and a lot of potential downside. Yah us! #FTW!


I hope there's something to this Mayan thing otherwise 2013 is gonna be a bitch.



Finally some fucking baseballto talk about. Not sure what to make of victorino. But methinks they are working an Ellsbury for something trade and need flexibility. Hamilton too pricey. Swisher costs a draft pick plus mo than he is worth (lightning in a bottle aint gonna happen twice with him). Cody Ross must have smelly farts or something. If they dont get rid of Ellsbury soon, he will be worthless to trade. He is a one year rental at best and probably be hurt by May. And our prospects are 3 years away. Its the shiniest turd in the cesspool.

Victorino is supposed to be a good clubhouse guy. His hitting is meh but he's a good fielder, and it definitely paves the way to deal Ellsbury and his no doubt Boras-fueled outrageous demands next year. At least it's not Swisher, the doofus.

Time for the summer soldier and sunshine patriot to shink the fanbase.

How many elfin' 'great clubhouse guys' does it take to clean the Sox toilet?? (Please fill in punch line). I'm afraid WetNap is going to be the next Nancy Drew. Along with today's 'blockbustah' -boo hoo we interrupted his Maui snorkeling adventure - I see another 25 cabs for 25 players. Pardon the late August angst...not impressed.

A team full of Trot Nixons. I liked Trot Nixon. Really I did. But Ben, we don't need any more of them.

I just heard that Brandon McCarthy is a free agent. I am planning to plead with him on Twitter (where he is almost as delightful as Chris Kluwe) to come to Boston. He'd bring back some direly needed fun and levity that's been on the wane since OCab then Petey then Pap, etc, left- and a fair amount of not-too-shabby pitching...

It may be just a thought in the remnants of my brain, but did we ever see Ben Charington and Lou Gorman together? Could Ben be channeling him from beyond? Just saying. I have to stop watching those "reality" shows about haunted houses, buildings and stadiums.

Why the hate on Victorino? I like the dude.

I like Victorino, too! Oh, and P. Abraham notes today that Ellsbury had played in just 51% of the games over the past three seasons.

I don't hate the guy, but I think the Sox overpaid... what was the sense of the unloading last year if we're just going to go do it again?

Time for lunch (said Lou Gorman).

Billionaires can't overpay - money is joke in sports. Also think the FO is still trying to hurt Tito. Heard Tito called SV and pleaded - he had 4 and $44 from Cleve.

The Sox have a big deal coming, and then these will all seem like great complimentary moves. Yes, they are trying to hold unto prospects, but they very much want to win now. 2013.

If Cherrington wants to not do deals over 3 years he will probably have to pay a little more on an annual basis. He might have gotten Victorino for the same price over 4 years , but it seems clear he wants to maintain flexibility and not get stuck with bad 4-6 year contracts.

I'm ok with that strategy.

I'd love to see a study of performance in the last couple of years of long contracts.

Take 5 folks. Dave Brubeck has just passed.

If by chance you are not particularly inclined toward jazz and perhaps unfamilar with this legend, i encourage you to give a listen. There are actually some great film clips on you tube of the Dave Brubeck Quintet. He/they changed music. A legend.

Brubeck was a natural on the ivories. He just started to play. he wrote stuff that no one else dared to compose, and made it work. Sort of like Teddy Ballgame at bat or in an F4U Corsair or F9F Panther. Some guys have it, Me? Fuhgedabouddit.

Mea culpa to Ben if something big happens other than bringing Jack Claaahk out of retirement.

I am pretty sure Tony Clark can be had for short money. Or Bobby Clark, or Clark Kent, or Jeff Kent or Kent Tekiulve. Lennie Clark, you'd have to go 3 years/39mil, just everyone else on the team. Also John Lackey is still available, just only to us.

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