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So long cruel world

Well, this is it, our final time togethah before the end of the world.


I'm gonna miss the hell out of you guys.


I'm gonna miss the hell out of the chronic.


There's no chronic in the Mayan afterlife?


Yeah, but only in first class.




Oh, c'mon, you know everything is blacked out during the holidays.


The Mayans are a crafty people.





Why am I at work?

I got a spam email from a dating site yesterday that said, "Natalie, do you want to die alone?" I thought, that's kinda harsh (as the Mayan thing that they were using as part of the punchline only became apparent if you read the body of the email). It reminded me of my Saab years ago, which had a display on which certain radio stations would scroll the artist and song title. One day, that really popular Los Lonely Boys song (at the time) which I now cannot remember the name of came on, and my car's display got stuck for miles reading, simply, "Lonely." Clearly, my technology is either very judgmental of me or is desperately needy for my attention.

Also, apropos of exactly nothing, here is the most hilarious obituary I have ever read. Oxymoron, I know, but seriously. Enjoy: http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/obituaries/1562487/Lord-Michael-Pratt.html

good one, Nat. I'm a big fan of obits (except my own). They tell history in unvarnished simplicity.

In re: the End Of The World. I finally finished my stupid poem for year's end. Quandry: post it today and not have it sitting all stale and sad with the Christmas tree panel until 1/2/13, or wait until the End Of The World. It's a tough one.

your pal,


I have a brother-in-law who works in cyber-security at a rarefied level. He takes all these doomsday scenarios - Y2K, H1N1, etc. very seriously. Generators, food reserves, you name it. My sister humors him. He said he was coming for Christmas this year but now I am wondering if he thought he would not actually have to show up. Hmm.

If you missed it, here is a good chuckle.

Fox News is running a story claiming that tonight will be the greatest hook up night in history because everybody wants to get one last boink in before the world ends. Meanwhile my wife leaves in a couple of hours to visit her dad for the weekend, leaving me to die alone.

COD - I have a date tonight.. hmm this is good material to work with.

I am just looking forward to my conspiracy-theory loving friends having to drop this one.. although I'm sure they'll have something new to fret about within days.

In re: Drew.
Just so you know, if we don't starting him "Stephane", we have all lost a bit off our fastball.

just saying.


"calling him". anyways

If I can't blaze,I'm not going ;O

History Channel 2 is running doomsday shit 24/7 these days. They ought to rename the channel the Doomsday Channel. All the signs are there, they assert. They are big for Nostradamus, who failed to see the Sox epic 9/2011,and 2012 season debacles. Then, we have the Myans whose civilization died off thanks to the clap. (tee hee) The other signs of the end are that Sox won't re-sign Cody Ross, the Pats, Giants and 49 ers all play great one week, and suck the next.
There are some things we can count on, like the Sox looking to commerate the 8th anniversary of the 2007 champions.

Isn't Australia 14 hours ahead of us?? Anyone heard from SDU??

Goodbye cruel world
I'm leaving you today
Goodbye all you people
There's nothing you can say
To make me change
My mind
- pink

Leaving on a 13 hr drive to western ny. or a drive that will never end. either way, a long fucking drive.

see you tomorrow at the dawn of a new era. while i pee on the side of the road. hmmm. seems the new era might not be much different than the old era.

Still breathing down here:

6.22am Friday 21 December 2012.


PS LC, save the poem.


The mayans were such negative Nancies. Although dark clouds are brewing ...

The South Park gang had the end scripted out a long time ago in season 7, episode 4: Cancelled. It's easy to find and then see.

sdu hasn't posted in 1.5 hours... hmmm.

I think the poles reversed so SDU is now behind us?

Australian Eastern Daylight Saving Time.

The (Sydney) Harbour is sparkling; the Bordeaux is fine.

Hooray!! We're saved!! We WILL have something fun to yak about on Monday ;D

Well, I got a bunch of locusts flying through the house this morning, a couple of toads in the coffee maker, and my tap water ran red with blood. But other than that, nothing.

I had my car washed yesterday and this morning it's covered with bird shit. Coincidence? I think not.

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