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Regrets I've had a few

So numbah 3 on the list a nurse compiled of people's regrets when dying isI wish I'd had the courage to express my feelings."


Now, see, aren't you glad your a Red Sox fan who has no hesitation at expressing your feelings... and expressing them again... and again.


Yes, today I considah myself the luckiest fan on the face of the earth... provided you don't mention a name that rhymes with Don Jackey.


Which by "no intention" Cherington means, of course, that they have every intention in the world of trading Ellsbury.



Don Jackey. Good one, hb :)

I think the bus will need Jack Daniels and PCP for next season...

"Cherington said he met with a player while here. Major league sources said it was outfielder Josh Hamilton Monday." Seriously? Is there anything thing to suggest that this guy wouldn't be a train wreck in Boston or any other high pressure market? This would make the Crawford signing look like a good idea!

If they sign Josh Hamilton I may set something on fire.

Relax. Bad signings can always be dumped on the Dodgers.

If we get him, do you think Hamilton might be frequenting this place? "Come on, come on, hit one in the gap..."


MFY offer Youk a 1 year, $12m deal?

If the MFY get Youk to replace Slappy McBluelips that would suck. I understand he's not the player he used to be but I don't want a player with an actual heart in pinstripes.

you guys are great, but the RS are boors.

I picked the wrong day to give up self-immolation.

Remember when Johnny Damon said there was no way, nu-huh, never gonna happen about him playing for the MFY and then signed with the MFY for less money than the Red Sox were offering? Good times.

@ steven, yeah, I remember that and sitting in a doctor's office reading a year old SI issue with the Johnny "looks like Jesus, throws like Mary, acts like Judas" Damon article in it. Almost vomitted from disgust in the waiting room.

Phillies just got a CF - so the Ellsbury for Lee trade just got a little less likely.

@ Bob, been there...very cool. During my residency in Dallas, attending physicians would hand out their extra Rangers season tickets...we, as starving residents had no business being there, but beat the Hell out of sitting and frying in the bleachers

Say it ain't so Youk.
Let's go out and sign Nick Swishie er Swisher then, just use him once in a while...wait a minute!
Signing Cody Ross could work, but it is a concept plagued by common sense.
R.I.P, my old tower, which will be hurled out a second story window the next time it has a seizure.

*** Friday ***

In case you're looking for me, it's a Friday off day.

I got a scratch ticket for Secret Santa and won $5,000. The giver wasn't happy.

wow Bob, sweet secret santa gift. Hope the Beer Cart guy gets a nice tip today.

Reading Wednesday's comments just now I learn of Brubeck's passing. What an odd way to find this out.
My father was an aspiring jazz pianist and a fan of Brubeck's, in Illinois. He was too young to get into a club, but called and spoke to Brubeck, who told him to come to a club in Chicago, and Brubeck would get him in. Club management didn't see eye to eye, so my father ended up sitting in an attached bowling alley, and Brubeck came and chatted with him between sets. My father told the man of his dreams and Brubeck told him to get a college degree. At University of Michigan, my father was a hit when Brubeck came to play on campus and my dad and his friends got to hang out with him.
In the end my father is a great jazz pianist with an even greater career as a visual artist of sorts, in some part thanks to Brubeck's encouragement.

Billy M. - Great story. Bob - I don't turn my back on re-gifting.

So, the Red Sox asked me to fill out a big survey as a season ticket holder today.

One of the questions...

I didn't leave it like that since I doubt they'd appreciate the honesty, but I did explain to them that selling $0.50 hot dogs at $5.00 (or more...haven't seen this year's price gouging jump yet) is the definition of outrageous on one of the other questions.

Egads! The Sox are actually selling their hots cheaper than most teams. Hebrew Nationals @ Citi Field are $6.77. (The Hey! Youse is in Noo Yok Tax! Is included...)Worse, a 23 ounce Bud is no longer available,@ The Ralph or MFYStadium thanks, Doomberg! Thanks Comrade Andy Cuomo!

Company holiday party this afternoon (Mamma Maria, North End; about two blocks from the office). So I'm going to split early today. Maybe buy a few thousand dollars in scratch tickets? (Kidding, kidding.)

Have a great weekend all. Hopefully we'll have something fun to yak about on Monday.

anybody seen sdu since his birthday bash?? did he succumb to the exotic dancers??

survived buck, thanks for asking - the party was excellent and the burlesque artistes sublime. mrs sdu has declined the suggestion that the second of the two move in with us. the 9 y/o sox fan made a moving (and remarkably short) speech.

btw, i think i will be back in boston early next September - presumably just in time for mathematical elimination, which would be nice.


Greinke to Los Galaktikos? Thank you LA for moving him to the NL.

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