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Marty is still out there, lurking around

Hey, there, Callaghan, long time no see!


So I just realized something, Bill... With all due respect to Flannery O'Connor, she was close but didn't have it quite right when her phrase "Everything that rises must converge."


What she really needed to say was "Everything that rises must converge in pinstripes"




Oh, but don't worry, Bill, I'm sure Youkilis is in the twilight of his career.


You know, like Boggs, Clemens, Damon...




So, Mahts, how did the Yankees do last season?


A fuck of a lot better than the Red Sux, Billy Boy.


Oh, c'mon, Mahty, you know how things are in the big leagues. It's like the original version of the Gilligan's Island theme song, it's the World Series Champions &and the rest&...


It doesn't surprise me you've got Gilligan's Island on your brain, Bill, watching Bobby Valentine this season was like watching Gilligan helping the Skipper to repair the Minnow.



Get on the coconut phone to the bullpen.

Billy's metaphor doesn't work for me: Gilligan was bumbling but ultimately well-meaning; Roberto Veet is incompetent and egomaniacal, and I still loathe him with the fire of a 1,000 suns. I don't expect much from the 2013 Sox, but unlike last year I will be rooting my ass off, every single game, for them to win...No bus for me!

You mean Marty's metaphor, right?

But it's a valid point. Gilligan did mean well. And in the end things always worked out. We can't say same for Valentine.

Maybe Valentine is more like that Japanese soldier who kept showing up on the island with nefarious schemes?

Yeah, sorry, I did mean Marty. I think I was confusing the character Marty with Billy Mahty, one of our commenters. :) And yes, definitely more the Japanese soldier!!

What a great show that was. I wish i could get that lost in 3 hrs. With a Maryann.

Maryanne rocks (and blazes) ;D

This team still has to earn my love. I don't see it happening this year. Meanwhile on to more important topics. Ginger or Maryann?

Perhaps more like Dr. Smith from Lost in Space?

Maryann, no question. Thinking about that show makes me want crank up some tunes by the Mosquitoes (Bingo, Bango, Bongo and Irving).

I just want to know who gets to tell Youk he has to shave his beard.

I think Lowell George from Little Feat was one of the Mosquitoes ;)

Oops-mbad.He was one of the Bedbugs from F-Troop(but he was in the Standells for a while and we all know what they did)

off topic, but if the Rolling Stones could see themselves on TV, they wouldn't be on TV. #121212CONCERT


Ahhh, Ginger. Wait, others were on the island, too?

Gilligan and Sgt. Agarn had a lot in common. So did Bob Denver and Larry Storch.
Bobby Valentine: Bob Denver
Grady Little: Larry Storch
Larry Storch: Bobby Valentine
Larry Storch: Bob Denver
Bob Denver: John Denver
Yes, the old SAT question, which pairing does not belong. Have fun, brothers and sisters in creepiness!

Corporal Agarn. Sgt. O'Rourke.

I'm pretty sure I'm a Ginger, even though I'd prefer to be a Maryann.

Egads! That's what I get for not checking IMdB!
But that brings this to mind
Sgt. O'Rourke: Terry Francona
Terry Francona: The Professor
The Skipper: Bill (last question) Belichick

Natalie, for 2 hours and two minutes that comment has been sitting there without response. You creeps are off your game. (a Ginger!! very hot).

lc - I saw the same. It was not good looking. not at all. Like the diff between 1980's Jamie Lee Curtis and now Jamie Lee Curtis doing ads about incontinence.

yea! Ryan Dumpster...start the bus. Wait, has it stopped? Just pass the bourbon and weed.

Whats with the Sox and the number 13? How many $13 million (plus/minus) players have they signed? Is this part of the new "13 wins in 2013" marketing push? Yup. Smoke 'em if you got 'em.

BTW It's Maryanne over Ginger any day.

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