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Holiday Hiatus

Your omniscient author in absentia:
Christmas Tree Illustration

Merry Christmas Soxaholix Readers and a Happy New Year.

(We'll return on or about January 7, 2013.)



Mele Kalikimake to all.

Mahalo, to all my brothers and sisters in creepiness.
Guess Cody Ross was too close to Bobby Veets to keep...

Where are the tree decorations? Or are you getting ready to carry it out to the curb already?

and Hau’oli Makahiki Hou.

New closer/reliever? Doesn't sound like they gave up too much (especially that dud Melancon) but I will miss having a guy named Stolmy on the roster...

Happy New Year. apparently, my year end poem is too long to post as a comment. You'll get over it, or find it.


lc's way excellent end of year pome* is here:


Now, screw you guys I'm going [to Japan.]


lc, simply awesome

Been in bed since Sunday. Some sort of combo cough-sinus-congestion-headache-sore throat-weakness thing. But back at work today. Soaked from head to toe, of course. That's got to be good for my condition.

So, Christmas was kind of a sick blur for me. Except for LC's poem. That put a smile on my mucous-crusted face.

Now I want to get tickets behind the bullpen so I can yell quotes from Slapshot at Hanrahan.

Have a safe and happy New Years, fellow creeps.

That was brilliant LC.

"She's a lesbian,A LESBIAN!!" ;D

I have to work a half day on Monday. I wonder if I can make it the second half of the day.

My parents - the original Energizer Bunnies - are still visiting. Need I say more?

Well, have a great weekend all. Hopefully we'll have something fun to yak about on Monday. Like how a half-day of work is really a full day, because you still have to wake up and go to the office. Yeah, that's right, I'm bitter.

Enjoy your 1/2 day Bob-I've got a full day.

May the New Year bring creepy memories for you all.

I am "working" today- which is to say, monitoring non-existent email (the radio silence is a tad eerie) and making plans to duck out at 2pm and see Zero Dark Thirty. Have a very happy New Years, creepy pals. Catch ya back here in 2013.

Happy 2013, all. Did you know Tris Speaker's full first name was Triskaidekaphobia?

and his dog's name was Woofer?

His dog's name was 11.

...at least it wasn't Cuke ;D

41 days til pitchers and catchers. My daddy and I always started our countdown at 40, so the end of our middling off season (I'd call it bleak but Bobby Veet is gone, which will shine rays of light on my life for years to come) is in sight!

HELLO...Is this thing on???

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