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Fastpass eligible

Nothin' to see here people, move along.


But, hey, Pedro's coming back.


I know that people who forget the lessons of the past are doomed to repeat them, but what the fuck happens to the people who live in the past?


I guess we'll find out.


We should have just quit when were ahead and dialed up Madame Tussauds to create wax figures of the 2004 team and turn Fenway into a museum.


You know, I'd pay to see that.


Oh, c'mon, think biggah. Sell the whole thing to Disney and turn Fenway and the two World Series into an imagineered immersive attraction.


They could call it "The Cowboy Up!"


You know, I'd pay *and* wait in line to ride that.



What would Disney mark a Fenway brick up to?? ;O

...and how long before they re-re-release it in 3D(before it goes back in the vaults)

...and how long before they re-re-release it in 3D(before it goes back in the vaults)

..As my dear old grandfather Litvak said (just before they swung the trap) he said "You can't cheat an honest man. Never give a sucker an even break or smarten up a chump."-Larson E. Whipsnade, whom I have no doubt gave business advice to old man Disney.
What does that make us, Dare I ask...

Sorry. I am in a Pats mood this am. Could care less about the Sox right now.

They could make the whole field at Fenway vibrate, so the wax figures of the 2004 team could move around like on those old football games. I'd pay to see that. Not very much though.

"I guess we'll find out."

That single comment had me chuckling here in my cube. Thanks, h.b.

"The Idiot Adventure"?

Like the Disney Hall of Presidents w/ Morgan Freeman narrating.


I thought had already happened.


Patriots did look invincible; which, of course, based on historical trend means they'll go on to lose to a mediocre Giants team in the Super Bowl.

Am I the only one who does not understand wax museums AT ALL? Creepy and pointless, in equal measure. And there would be reams of tourists outside Madame Tussaud's in London, waiting for literally hours, to see weird statues of famous people when right down the road are things like Westminster Abbey, Churchill's War Museum, the National Gallery.... Ugh. Most people suck.

Creepy is standing in a huddle of blue shirts at the Kraft Foxboro Museum listening to a garbled tape of an unintelligible Tom Brady calling a play. Or maybe that was just the Ochocinco Simulator Effect? "Playbook?"
Nevermind...we're off to go watch Bob Kraft win the Revolutionary War in a made-by-the-Krafts-for-the-Krafts Production.

I'm going all in with my idiocy. I'm saying right now the Sox will have 87 wins next year.

This group talking about 'creepy'? The pot calling the kettle black.

No , Natalie, you are not the only one.

Re Living in the past (the Tull song just hit my head. Dammit), i came across thhis little nugget the other day...

"A person becomes old when his mind is more occupied by memories than aspirations" - Navin Kulkarni, web designer. (yes, we have philosophers everywhere).

Enough of the geezin for the old days. We were there. It was awesome. Next.

Yazbread: You couldn't care less. If you could care less, then you're claiming...you know what I mean.

JeffinNC: Niall Ferguson's (The Harvard economic historian) mind is occupied by memories, and he's both vibrant and successful. Furthermore, if your mind is occupied by memories that provide experience, know-how, institutional knowledge, and whatnot, it's an advantage. Perhaps Navin should have said "PREoccupied WITH memories," or "distracted by memories."

Take heart, strange denizens of this site: If Vanderbilt can have a winning football program, a turnaround by the Red Sox is a piece of cake. Anchor Down.

Ah, none of the schools that lost patience with me has had any real success, well ONE of them got into the field of 64 a few times, only to be a sacrifical lamb for a one, or two seed on each occasion. The Sox are at least a year away from relevance perhaps longer. It is too early for me to set a number for Sox wins, but I will say that they will have had a very good season if they are over.500 at the end, which is going to be a serious stretch given how awful they were after the fire sale.
Thepastisathingweclingtoifit'sworthclingingto. HST

JasonO - but does Niall Ferguson aspire to still greater things in his vibrant career, or is he satisfied with the memories of his successes of the past? Your point is well taken, but Navin's basic message i think is clear. Unless the sport is shooting holes in arguments, and then we all can get the gold medal in that sport. But hey, a redsox and yankee fan not seeing eye to eye? Go figure. For me, re the redsox, are they trying to win again for real or just continue to celebrate an 8 yr old achievement? Its getting embarassing. Like the 35 year old ex- high school quarterback in his home town tavern talking shit about back in the day. I want my sages (Ferguson, et al) to be old, but my sports teams? Aint lookin for wisdom out of them.

Youk to the Yanks. 1 yr/$12M.

Bummer to see that - wish another team could pay that kind of money for a twilight of career player.

On the bright side the good dentist is planning his "Celebrate the return of Youk to Fenway" event for 9 home games. Get yer t-shirts while they last.

Agree with lc. The 'marketing genius' of Disney was on display the last two weeks of 2012 MLB season at Funway. Can't you just envision the brains and used-car dealers from AutoMile around the table after the house-cleaning in July... "Let's called this failed season 'A Sale-a-bration for The Ages'...and bring in all the (living, and even better - not living!) legends...and fill those seats!"

Next year's schedule (after June, probably) will include the new classics like "Malcontents Day" (long list there); "UnderPerformers/Overpaid - with a Dunking Booth For Premium** Members of RSN!";

"Famous On-Field Follies and Bloopers Day!"....etc etc. I am sure this list was previously been devised by the current erudite roll call...

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