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Youthful and moribund

So aftah 19 years a marriage dude all of a sudden discovahs his wife was also a dude.


Yeah, I think that same guy signed John Lackey.


Speaking of decay, did you see Baseball Musing's excerpt of the Bill James piece "Wit" where James posits on how baseball has entered the spectrum of the "calcified and moribund &8230; is "far advanced on this death march"?


But, don't worry, James also insists it's not a jeremiad.


Really? If comparing the state of the game to "a hardening of the arteries" which "kills us all sooner or later" is not a jeremiad, then I must not be clear on the definition.


Yeah, it's hahd to say without seeing the whole piece, but I think Pinto does a good job laying out an alternative, positive view.


Absolutely, and I'll add that James' pointing to kids no longah playing baseball "in an empty lot with rocks and pieces of junk to mark the bases" as supporting evidence of the decline is pretty weak tea.


I mean kids today are so friggin mandated by hyper-organization that their parents schedule play dates for fuck's sake. There's no time for or concept of kids just hanging out and winging it anymore whether its pickup baseball, football, or just riding around on bikes looking for mischief.


But I don't even know if that's a bad thing in and of itself.


The kids are alright


The kids are always alright.



Well, yeah and besides they've all got ipads. Who has time for sticks and empty parking lots?

LOL at the segue from Lackey to decay. My daughter plays a mean game of baseball on her iphone.

Sadly, the baselines at all the parks near me are overgrown with grass. When I was a kid, they were bare dirt from all the traffic.

No xboxes/ipads in the D.R., Venezuela, etc. The demographics of the game will continue to change. Question is, will the fans continue their support?

It really is a crazy generational shift, isn't it? I mean, my parents legitimately had NO IDEA where my brother and I were for hours on end in the summer. Crap, they let the two of us go out by ourselves on a motorized dinghy in Montauk Harbor with no supervision at ages like 8 and 10. We'd be tooling around dragging fishing line and tying up against a ladder up to Gosman's dock while massive shipping vessels and glossy Chriscrafts cruised by. Today, someone on either type of boat would call DCS and report my parents for negligence and we'd wind up in foster care. I do wonder what today's helicopter parenting means for creative play, and for health trends among children. But I guess every generation believes their's was better, healthier, more "normal," and "how it should be." It is a damn shame not to see much pickup baseball any more though...Some of my fondest childhood memories were playing some demented form of stickball with a broomhandle and tennis ball.

Baseball is a lot better off than, say, the NHL which is headed for a place in history. sidemeat asks if we'll continue our support.
The Sawx are still not making their best move, which is keeping Cody Ross. Trading Jon Lester? Depends on who they get. No prospects, no cash. Where are day to day guys a (This) team needs to win games?

In addition to sports--baseball, street hockey, predominately, seasonally--we neighborhood kids also devised other games like "war" (basically and advanced form of tag, spanning the whole neighborhood played after dark, tribe vs tribe) and "manhunt" (similar but with one kid chosen to be the "hunted, also played after dark)... these days if you played games like that, they'd send you to the shrink.

Sigh. Nanny state. Nanny times.

We are being chickified. No wonder that guy in Belgium took so long to see he had a dickoffme for a wife. You don't know the difference? I mean seriously, man...

We formed up teams and ran around in the woods shooting at each other. With real BB Guns. Luckily those Daisy BB Guns were so inaccurate there was little chance of anybody hitting something they were aiming at.

Also, I wrote what sounds like might be a very similar thing to the James article. I wrote mine in 2002.


h.b. - we did an all neighborhood manhunt/tag hybrid game too, although we called it Guacamole for a reason that I could not even begin to tell you why. I should ask someone....

I blame the media (or our consumption of the media) for this nanny state. I don't realistically think there are MORE child abductions, child molesters, kiddie danger zones or the like, we just hear about every goddamn one in every medium, and it terrifies parents to their souls. We lose all perspective. I like to think I'll be a different, more "old school" parent when I have kids shortly, but who knows?

Natalie -all it takes to be an old school parent is to, well, be one. Dont listen to the latest ohmygod about parenting and it all works out.

Y'all must live in some shitty areas. We live a little rural so pick up games in the neighborhood arent actually very possible, but we will get parents to drop kids off on Friday to hang out or we pick up a group of 'em at the movies (no, you creeps, not just any old kids we can entice with candy, but kids hanging out with our kids) and everyone comes back to our place and half of em are still around on Sunday. Hanging out, kickin', ballin', gamin', swimming if the weather is warm. We have only had a few over the years whose parents wont let them come back - said were too lax in our supervision. Fuck em. No injuries, everyone fed, fights never too bad. Old school. When our kids hang at other kids places who live in an actual neighborhood, they prowl the streets at night, suburban white kid style, flirt with the girls, play capture the flag and such. No arrests and not yet caught for the shenanigans with the two dozen eggs they absconded from our refrig with.

Trouble will come, I have no doubt. But if we have done our parenting right, the trouble should be generally harmless, victimless stuff. You know, public urination kinds of stuff. But its gonna be an odd day when they get busted for the ganja. Gonna wait and fall off that bridge when i get to it.

I wish I could believe it is that easy to just "be an old school parent" in this culture, Jeff. Certainly it's more or less difficult depending on geography, so more rural areas probably do still have more of that laissez faire attitude I prefer. For me, I don't think in the northern NJ enclaves commutable to Manhattan where I plan to raise mine I'd find a large circle of fellow parents who have the same attitude. Manhattan parents appear to be the worst (exempting most of my friends).

Ditto on raising your kids in the DC Metro area.

that is indeed unfortunate. i shall be grateful for my circumstances. although living a little rural does diminish my dining choices and a few other things. alas.

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