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We don't need no stinkin' blockbuster

But the joke's on them because we got John Friggin Farrell.




That's right, bitches, Ben Cherington is the fucking man with the fucking plan.


I'm happiah than an army general in the midst of a flirtatious email exchange.


Seriously. What could go wrong?



The Marlins and the Jays both won 69 games last year. So I guess this means the Jays will win 138 next season.

Petraeus and Broadwell are already writing another book together about the scandal. The title is "Fifty Shades of Camo".

Fifty shades of slay?

BTW here is the morning after report on the Restoril experiment.

+ It didn't completely stop the insomnia. I awoke twice in the night, but it did prevent me from going into the mind racing mental loop of despair; instead, my mind was empty of everything except the awareness of not being asleep. Which allowed me to fairly quickly go back to sleep.

+ Given the "empty mind" feeling I had when conscious, I was surprised to have so many vivid and extreme dreams while sleeping. Catching up on missed REM?

+ A good half of the dreams were in Spanish and my fluency was off the friggin charts.

+ Waking up was easy. Felt great this morning overall.

I think we know why our military progress in Afghanistan has been so disappointing.

Beware of generals that cannot control their privates.
hb's experience with insomnia brings to mind a scene in "Night at the Opera" where Groucho, seeing Harpo fast asleep amid great chaos, asks Chico: "What's wrong with him?" And then Chico's deadpan retort:
"He'sa got insomnia. He'sa sleepin' ita off."

Just remember h.b. if you experience an erection lasting more than 4 hours seek medical attention at once-barring that there's always Pine tar and a Shamwow.

Anyone buying season tickets?

For a serious comment - the sad part of the General Betrayus affair is that you do not advance that far in the military without an extremely supportive spouse as your wingman. It had to have been a partnership from the moment he got out of the academy.

True yazbread. But then again, if everything was cool in the marriage he probably wouldn't have been boning the biographer in the first place. Happily married people don't normally cheat, so odds are there were circumstances we will never know about under the surface.

Where's Tek to act the part of the Shirtless FBI guy?

Well done on the Restoril, hb. And I am jealous of the Spanish fluency. I lived in Alicante Spain for 6 weeks when I was 14 and my fluency progressed to the point where I was dreaming in Spanish. Now I am lucky if I can order mas cervezas in Puetro Vallarta.

Empty mind is always the key to falling asleep. Drugs, er medications, usually work. But I found my own solution - When stuck in the awake position, I count my breathing. Sometimes it takes a few efforts - when your mind races, you lose count quickly, forget you are counting and have to start over. But it does work. It finally settles the brain. Kind of like counting sheep, but I find that always brings up the "where men are men and the sheep are nervous" joke and then the whole thing gets kind of skeevy.

I slept with a girl that spoke Korean in her sleep. she was cute as hell, but I think she'd be unable to achieve Lisa's security clearence.
Right now, I am on the good ship Cutty Sark, and Mr. Buddy Weiser is at the helm.

We turned a good general into a celebrity - why are we surprised he started acting like one?

great to see a strip focused on following the Sox . . . and not on hanging up the spurs.

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