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Veterans Day 2012

Lisa the Temp:
Thanks to all the veterans for their service and sacrifice.


Lisa the Temp:
Yes, peeps, Lisa has a serious side.


Lisa the Temp:
And Lisa has a Confidential security clearance and is consequently eligible to temp for the DoD, the DoE, and the DoJ.


Lisa the Temp:
Ask not what the country can do for a temp, ask what a temp can do for the country is what I say.



Oh Lisa. You're a Patriot. (Mainly because you get scored on so much.)

Lisa, if I change my name to 'The Country' can I find out exactly what you can do for me?

So now we know who the "other woman" Broadwell was so jealous of that she hacked Petraeus' email. Lisa, you devious slut, you.

Lisa, the future of all employment. But could she stop a Harvard guy? Me thinks, yes.

Lisa is the Paula Broadwell of the temp agency.

Give that woman a Sourtoe Cocktail ;D

Oh Lisa,

Meet me under the desk and close your eyes while I think of baseball.

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