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To sleep, perchance to sleepwalk...

Rider on Green Line:
Your creepy author here on life's rich trolley...


Rider on Green Line:
No, I haven't abandoned you but I overslept this morning (after another severe bout of insomnia which has been pretty much every night since the time change) and then when I awoke I found my internet was down and I was on the phone with Verizon for 30 minutes getting it fixed.


Rider on Green Line:
On the insomnia issue, I have a prescription from my doc for some la-la land pills but I've been too afraid to take them, so far, as they are of the "you may awake, don a tuxedo, cook a meatloaf, Shamwow a dog, and have no recollection of it later" variety and I prefer to keep my drugs to the natural variety (wink) most of the time.


Rider on Green Line:
But I think tonight is the night I give those loop-the-loop pills a shot. I may have no recollection of Hart Brachen in the morning, though, so you have been warned.



Or worse, HB wakes up with an overwhelming desire to grease his hair, get a spray tan, and wear a bunch of gold chains with a Yankees hat.

Is it Lunesta, H.B.? They have the commercial with the glowing Death Moth hovering over sleeping innocents. Odd marketing choice. I think another sleeping pill should have a cat inhaling the life's breath from dozing about-to-be-corpses.

Oh, and as Kaz could tell you, most sleeping pills are in class of medications called hypnotics. They work by slowing activity in the brain to allow sleep. Much like watching the Sox this past year.

I hear they prescribe lots of sleeping pills for the troops in Afghanistan.

Careful, side effects might include schtupping your sexy biographer.

My wife has problems with insomnia too and refuses to take anything stronger the Nyquil Nighttime, but that drops her like a line drive to the forehead. Maybe give that a try.

My wife has problems with insomnia too and refuses to take anything stronger the Nyquil Nighttime, but that drops her like a line drive to the forehead. Maybe give that a try.

I forgot what this one was called but I know it wasn't Lunesta....

OK just Googled... it's Restoril/Temazepam.

Now I'm certain someone is going to comment about somebody who knows somebody and took it and woke up naked holding a Shamwow and covered with pine pitch...

hb, one of my college roommates is a high-risk ob gyn here in Manhattan and- as you can imagine- works crazy hours... she swears by Restoril. Uses it every night and it drops her out when she wants and leaves no "hangover." No sleepwalking or Shamwow shenanigans for her. Do what you will with that info. I had minor surgery years ago and was prescribed 30 low dose (5mg) Percosets. Those babies were perfect for putting me right to sleep with no side effects. I was a little terrified about how sad I was when the dose ended.


Thanks for that feedback! As it goes, my own doctors uses it as well, which is why he felt fine about giving me the Rx.

It's on! (Or rather "out").

Ah, the fun of trying to use those drugs that just don't cut it against a good Scots whiskey. Downside? A good whiskey is expensive, even in New Hampshire!

If the sleeping pills are good, and Scotch is good, the two together must be great.

I want candy.


I know you're only joking, Bob, but taking benzos with alcohol not only raises significant risk of death (depends on how much alcohol and benzos) but also raises the risk of physical addiction to the benzo. Both act to slow the central nervous system.

Slowing it too much isn't good. You don't want to end up like Grady Little.

Think Amy Winehouse. A truly gifted performer, with a deadly curse lurking over her.

No prescription needed for the upcoming Sec'y of Defense Nomination Hearings. Senator Kerry: Blah, blah, then blahdeblah, blah, blah.

z z z z z z z z z

h.b., I highly recommend attending the ongoing NDIA Homeland Security Symposium in DC. Apparently my snoring was keepting the guy next to me awake because he kept on waking me up...

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