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To live gratitude

What's the Thanksgiving Special this year, Arturo?


Arturo, the hot dog vendor:
Turkey sausage on a bed of crispy matchstick leeks with a touch of cranberry mayo relish.


You know the Red Sox are in disarray, Gronk has a broken ahm, and Israel and Hamas are going mano a missile but you, Arturo, you always give me hope.


Arturo, the hot dog vendor:
In the end, it's all about showing up and being thankful for what we have.


Amen, brothah.



The Pats defense is thankful for that 35 point cushion. Most defenses that bad don't have an offense that can blow another team's D to shreads.
The Gronk may be out for a while, but he is akin to Dustin Pedroia in that mere pain is not grounds for sitting out of a game.

Thanks be also to HB.

I'm with Paul. Thanks for keeping on keeping on, hb!

h.b.'s like the sausage man: always showin' up, givin' everyone the meat.

thanks h.b.

I wonder if Cherrington will be visiting any top line starters for Thanksgiving this year?

Have we ever established where Arturo's cart is located, because I am in Boston today and that sausage sounds delicious. Love me some leeks. Also: late to the party on the "sticking around" announcement, but needless to say, thrilled and grateful. Soxaholix will be amongst the things I am thankful for this year as for the past 6....

Oh, BTW, it is Bob's birthday today. So let's all wish him a happy one and hope he has something really fun to yak about today.

did Nat just say she loves her some leeky sausage?

Long time lurker. Like Natalie, I've been out of touch and am thrilled hb will be sticking around.

Oh shit, it IS my birthday.

And I'm on vacation, so it's especially sweet. (Even if I didn't remember it until I read Natalie's comment.)

Add me to the list of folks Thankful for h.b. and his meat.

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