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Seems like yesterday

Remembah this oldie but goodie?

♫ Over the red states, and thru the desert
♫ To Curt Shilling's house they go;
♫ The GM knows the way at then end of the day
♫ To end 86 years of woe


Sigh. Good times, very good times.


And we'll always be thankful.


And this begins Thanksgiving break. This creepy strip will return on Monday 11/26. Have a great Thanksgiving holiday everyone!


86 years but who's counting. Happy Thanksgiving all, and hopefully we'll have a Schilling-like signing to cheer about on Monday!

That's funny -- I initially typed "86" and then, thought, "No, you idiot, you're confusing the length of time with 1986 and the series that will live in infamy."

Corrected in the strip now.

...and check your spare tire,you never know when you'll pick up a nail ;(

h.b - late to the celebration, as I've been on the road and mostly incommunicado. Reading that you've decided to to keep on keepin' on with this creepy strip gives much to be thankful for this Holiday. Such wonderful news! Thank you, you!

And a very happy Turkey Day to all the rest of the Soxaholix creepers and hangers-on. Hope there's enough gravy to go around for all of you.


May your turkeys all be covered with bacon and sriracha, and may you get to mock your Yankee fan relatives for another playoff embarrassment as roundly as I'm going to.

Just got a nail removed from my tire, Harwich. Want to explain yourself?

Fortunately, it was a simple patch job. Something the Red Sox can't seem to get right.

Family, food, good single malt whiskey and football= equal thanksgiving. I give thanks for knowing I am not alone in my creepyness. ;-)
All the best to my brother/sisters in creepyness.

I plan on being in line at WalMart at 8 PM Thanksgiving night.

Not really.

Having checked off all the family visits already this year, we get a nice quiet Thanksgiving at home, just me, Mrs COD, and the kids. Friday will be spent on the Appalachian Trail.

Have a good one creeps.

Thanks to HB. Have a great turkey fest all. I'll be sucking down as much Booker's on T-Day.

So - is there anyone out there worth BC's time on Thursday to go visit?

H.B. - The survival of this strip for another cold hot stove season is a reason I give thanks.

Have a great Thanksgiving everyone! No Black Friday madeness for me - I'm a dyed in the wool Christmas Eve shopper.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone. Tomorrow I have two dinners planned, then installation of a stent to immediately follow.

I am thankful that I can tell you creeps to go eat a bag of dicks and all you can do is type in all caps in response.

Feelin frisky. Gluttony on the way. Happy Fat Thanksgiving all.

Go redsox etc etc

Boo-Yah! The Sox players may have been shut out in the MVP voting, but Bubbie Veet made it to Sports Illi's "Turkeys of the Year" list: #5. Dude never did like to toil away in obscurity.

J-E-T-S suck,suck,suck ;O

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