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If not now, when?

In a group of Soxaholix, a woman speaks:
Well, I've got a friend who's got a friend...


In a group of Soxaholix, a woman speaks:
And word is Brachen is mulling it over.


In a group of Soxaholix, a woman speaks:
Yeah, he's got his mofo mull on.


In a group of Soxaholix, a woman speaks:
A final decision is forthcoming.



Say it ain't so,Joe

As you wish, sir.


I will jump.

"If one is wondering if they should retire, they ought to retire at once, as they already have done so"- Marv Levy

Sigh. I picked the wrong week to stop taking amphetemines.

Can we blame Valentine for this too?

I think this all stems from Hart (Dale) being passed over for manager last year.

I would be sad to see it end but thankful for all it gave. So kind of like my girlfriend in college.

And Red Sox references should read "post-Soxaholix era" going forward. Snif....

Well, that will change my start of the workday routine.

will we get some random one night/day stands during the season? you know, when we happen to bump into each other at the park and re-kindle that spark...

I know it's you not me/us, sniff, but I need something, anything, sniff, to keep me going. The new brick shaped like Wally just isn't enough!

I am sure I'll figure out a way of selling LC-surly but lovable tshits (OR SHIRTS)


In the immortal words of Harwich Rich:


I'd be very sorry to see this creepy site perish, but if it does, what's next? Perhaps a spin off series about Lisa's love life? You'll need better clip art though...

I'm a late comer to the site, I didn't find it until 2007 (?) after an NPR story and I have been hooked ever since (and have forwarded the link to other sox fans).

I'm with sonomasox in that I'd settle for random strips as your Muse strikes/inspires you.

In any case, thank you (and the creepy commenters) very much for a very unique perspective on being a sox fan and pop culture (and counter-culture!)

Aw, c'mon, HB. Don't take Election 2012 THAT hard. Is it the nor'easter? Please don't stop, us creeps will have nowhere to go. Anyway, the past 14 months in Sox-land have been so abysmal, we need you. Really. We'll pick up your option for next season. Am I groveling? So sue me.

didn't you hear medical Marijuana passed?!?

Ah, go ahead. Retire.

I will if you will.

HB, do you *REALLY* want all us creepy commenters out walking the streets instead of being safely ensconsed in the eerie blue light of our computer monitors?

Think of the children!

In no rush.
Take yr time.

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