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Hello Jonny Gomes.


Nothing like dropping $10 mil on a guy who just turned 32.


I dunno, Pinto thinks Gomes gives the Red Sox "a low-cost insurance policy on David Ortiz."


Yeah, and if nothing else, we've really had a void in the bat shit crazy stomp the shit out of you department.


Meanwhile, I confess this gives me a fluttah: Spring Training Tickets go on sale Decembah 8th.


Wait, what? Do I detect a hint of optimism.


Well, I'm not really optimistic, but I'm not pessimistic neithah.


Is there a word for that?


I'm sure there is in German.


Seriously, there's a word for everything in German.


Yeah, even our creepy time together becomes a Verbesserungsvorschlagsversammlung.


Just hearing that makes me feel tallah.


And blondah.



i actually googled Verbesserungsvorschlagsversammlung to see if it is a real word.

I hear Gomes is a pretty good clubhouse guy-couldn't be worse than Beckett ;O

Hopefully he's Fahrfrumpukin ;D

Googling Verbesserungsvorschlagsversammlung led me down the wormhole of long German words, and this one caught my eye: Schwarzwälderkirschtortenlieferantenhut. It means, apparently, the hat of a black forest cake delivery person which is....alarmingly specific.

Imagine the German word for "titillating bridesmaid in a teal dress"!

Ausgezeitlich h.b.

This team has a long way to go before it captures my interest again. I feel nothing. Maybe an ownership change will bring me around.

I think that german is the second most difficult language to learn among the european tounges. Good old english is the beast, the angry bull in the china shop. To appreciate this, listen to all those latin players struggle with our language.
Sex in german sounds like a lot of growling eminated from one of our bodies lower portals! ;-)!

The Sox are interested in Nick Swisher?


Imagine the German word for "titillating bridesmaid in a teal dress"!

Fabelhaft! Hervorstechend! Knackig! Brünstig!!

I knew those five years of German would eventually come in handy. It took 35 years, but still...

Nick Swisher sounds like a gay porn star to me. CanNOT take him seriously as a result.

Teal Dress Girl = Knickentenkleidermädchen

I lived in Germany for almost 3 years during my Army days but other than the ability to order drinks the only German i retained is what i learned from Benny Hill: a busenhalter (sp?) is a halter for the busen!

Du mußt Amboß oder Hammer sein. Really the only German phrase worth knowing.


Also: was I the only one who read tall, German and blonde and starting salivating for a beer?

I started goose stepping.


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