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Feet first into the slide

Mayor Bloomberg hates hungry people!


Meanwhile, here comes anothah nor'eastah.


Who knew the Mayan Apocalypse would feature a prequel.


Seriously, the prequel stahted in Septembah 2011 with the fatal and unrecoverable collapse of the Red Sox and it's just been one jump cut to the next evah since.


Hey, you can say what you want about the Mayans, but that they were kind enough to knit the 2004 and 2007 World Series victories into the final chaptahs of mankind's existence, well, that shit goes a long way with me.


So if the Mayans have been controlling everything all along, does that mean that when it ends we go to their version of the afterlife?


Yep, where the streets are paved with milled corn and mezcal.


And remembah the warning of the iguana—"Don't squeeze the Shaman."



I wonder how the "Professional" dumpster divers feel about all those amateurs going into their dumpsters. Oh, well, the outsiders will leave to fight over gas, vote for Obama (Multiple times) and then get a free phone and run flash mobs.

You'd think living in the city that never sleeps would leave enough time to stock up on supplies before a major storm.

Bizarre. I used the "Please don't squeeze the shaman" line on Halloween (a guy came dressed as an Indian mummy, covered in toilet paper with a feather headdress).

The dumpster diving in lower Manhattan is riduclous to me. There is power and a fully functional city above 39th street, if you just care to walk a couple a mile+. It's not as though you're on an island that's entirely without resources (like Staten Island)- in Manhattan you CAN physically get to grocery stores, bodegas, etc with a modest walk. These seem like able-bodied young people doing the dumpster diving which to me suggests lame hipster drama.

Time to call in Snake Plissken?

First world problems. We dont need Snake, we need Sally Struthers. Oh, is that her out there already? Overfed, wearing fashionable clothes, "starving"? Good god, i dont see flies on their eyeballs and 3 kids hanging off one tit of a woman dressed in a rag. Only in America can we turn lazy fuckers who dont want to walk (ref Natalie's unfortunate truth above) into victims of starvation and then talk of the injustice. Give it two days and we will be discussing this as a reason to vote for against one of these jokers who wants the job of running the free world.

How do we know that these stories are true? Well, "fans" of the New York teams are pretty much OK, but then there are the lower quadrant dwellers. I heard all I needed to know and all I had to know...

Here's a different view of people who won't walk a "couple of miles".

Nick - check out #5 "a woman searches a pile of donated clothing for her family". What's her family doing in the pile of clothing?

Well, I had to walk a couple of blocks to have a nice dinner with clients this evening. And the clothes I wear LOOK like they come from a thrift store.

Anyway, have a great weekend all. Hopefully we'll have something fun to yak about on Monday.

Was getting worried there,Bob

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