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Even temp girls get the blues

Lisa the Temp:
Good morning, peeps.


Lisa the Temp:
Lisa's a little down in the dumps today.


Lisa the Temp:
Yes, it's true, even me, your vivacious temp, can get a touch of the melancholy.


Lisa the Temp:
And you're curious, right, you're thinking, "Oh, Lisa, can you tell me your pain?"


Lisa the Temp:
Well, it's like this...


Lisa the Temp:
Yesterday I got a call saying Nate Silver needed a temp for some important work.


Lisa the Temp:
I know, how cool is that, right?!


Lisa the Temp:
But at 2am this morning Nate Silver sent me a text that read "It's 658 am, and I won't need you today" which I read at precisely 658am.


Lisa the Temp:
I know, right?


Lisa the Temp:



I spent 3 minutes trying to somehow connect 6:58 and 2 AM to 535. If HB is doing something clever with the numbers it is too clever for me.

A joke on predictive ability? Or whatever Nate needed Lisa for at 6:58 he took care of at 2 AM? Your guess is as good as mine. Probably a bit better.

No clue

Nate was so good that he pinpointed when Lisa would read the email.

We need a photoshop of Nate Silver *facepalming*....

h.b. -- you had me at "Temp Girl".

Nate Silver really is the prognosticator, no?

Hah. Didn't realize the Nate Silver joke would be so opaque. Apologies for the confusion.

On the other hand, it is a Friday...

hb, You deserve this one: Guy goes to his doctor prior to surgery. The guy asks the doctor if his operation will affect his sex life. No, the doctor replies, your wrist is fine.

Hopefully we'll have something fun to stroke about on Monday...Ba-doom ;D

FYI, its my 50th birthday next week (10 Dec). I am holding a rock concert in lieu of a party tonight for 150 of my closest friends at a Venue called the Vanguard in Newtown.

We have a 9 piece Salsa Band http://changosalsaband.com

We have a truly ridiculous Glam Rock Band http://au.myspace.com/grooverobbersband, not least

Not least, we have TWO fine, hot, glam Burlesque artistes, in very good taste I am sure

Mrs sdu will MC; the NINE year old 'Sox fan has a new suit.

Naturally, all Soxaholix are welcome. Sorry for the late notice and the geographical inconvenience of the location.



Oh, yeah, and one of the strippers (oops, I mean Burlesque performers) has a snake. A real snake. No idea how she affords a real snake!

It's not a real snake, sdu. Didn't you see Blade Runner??

Happy Birthday! Hope you all have a really great party. Only time, distance and $$$ are keeping me from being there. :D

Not seeing a hotel nearby, sdu. Might be a problem when it gets late. Or maybe the Thai place is open 24 hours? :)

Did notice a couple transportation offices though. Make sure there's acab for everyone.

being the naturally suspicious type, I'm thinking sdus's late notice is at least partially out of fear that some of us creeps might, you know, actually show up given enough time

Welcome to 50 my friend. Enjoy

welcome to 50. I've been 60 for a while. I think I went to Lincoln Park (the old dog park) for the buffet breakfast. Or maybe not.


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