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Election Day

Lisa the Temp:
You know what you need to do, peeps.


Lisa the Temp:
Vote early.


Lisa the Temp:
Vote often.



Yeah, vote for KG,although he'd rather sit out all star weekend, to "rest up" for the second half.

I did ;D

I voted! Boy, NY is easy. No ballot measures and mostly Democrats running unopposed. I feel for folks in FL; a volunteer at my polling site told me their ballot is 15 pages long!

Since I "officially" live at two Boston addresses, I actually could vote often. But I'm too honest and good and fair for that. Heh.

The polls are so busy they've decided to make it a two-day affair. Republicans are asked to vote today and Democrats tomorrow.

45 minute wait this morning for me when the polls opened at 6 AM.

The Dems have already voted. The votes they need to win are in secret warehouses and will be distributed as needed.

Nat, my FL ballot was three pages, both sides. Still long but not as bad as 15 pages would have been. 15 pages of hanging chads...we wouldn't know results till pitchers and catchers report!

Not surprising the old ladies at my polling site were misinformed. They asked me to spell my last name (and let's just say, my last name is as easy as Smith)! The polling site was a gong show, but I did get goosebumps when the machine said "your ballot was counted." Fuck yeah, democracy!

Waited only 20 minutes. Nice quiet line in the school gym. Contested Senate and House seats and 5 ballot questions as well. Simple.

WTF is wrong w/ Florida.

You know you're getting old when you remember the cop on duty as a scrawny 9 yr old teammate of your own kid. Shudder.

@ Rudi, we could fill up the off-season detailing WTF is wrong with FL.

What I don't get is that it has been well-publicized that FL has 11 poorly worded ballot amendments (and then some county specific ones). I downloaded the sample ballot, found a reputable site that explained the "yes" and "no" vote for each, and filled out the sample ballot. Once I got into vote (2 hr wait), it took me less than 5 min to fill out the appropriate bubbles on the actual ballot. I don't understand why people are spending more than 15 min to vote (rumors of people taking 1hr to fill out their ballot.. oh my...)

in the western portion of the Commonwealth we already know which way the wind is blowing for the Presidential vote, pretty sure about the vote for Teddy's old seat...the really important question is #3 ...I think I feel a case of anxiety disorder coming on ;)


@Natalie "my last name is as easy as Smith"

I've heard that about your last name, it will hyphenate with anything.

Voted at 7:30am here in the corner of NC. Walked in, voted, walked out. 7 minutes. Electronic ballot, easy peasy. No referendi. Highlight was fella running for judge outside asking for votes. His name... Richard Cox. His parents maybe shoulda thought a little longer on that one

Having to wait two hours in line to vote in a presidential election is outrageous. And, with a five-hour time difference, a winner is often projected while we're still voting. How about requiring all polling places everywhere to open at exactly the same time and to remain open for a full 24 hours?


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