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Can't be denied

This is the best thing I've read in a long time—

"I would not be surprised to see an offensive disaster for the Yankees in 2013."


Yeah, but if I had a dollar for every prophecy of the Yankees' imminent demise, I'd have enough to buy a second Real Doll.


Are Real Dolls covered undah ObamaCare as part of sexual well-being therapy?


No, but their birth control is fully covered.


Excellent, because Ramona the Real Doll and I have discussed it at length, and we've decided we'd like to adopt.



They are definitely aging but the MFY will just reload like always. I could probably use 'reload' in reference to the Real Doll also but I'm brain dead today.

Can I adopt Lisa??

Adopt Lisa? NFW! Try marrying her. Then, funnel your cash offshore, away from the MLIFs of the Soviet States of America!
A real doll should be covered as a psychological therapy aid.
As for the demise of the MFY's, I still love the early '70's when they sucked. Problem? The Sox only had Yaz, the rest of the team was awful. They had some epic struggles to stay out of last place. This could be the case in '13, but the MFY's are who we think they are! (Thank you Denny Green;-))


Adoption huh? Mixed marriages always have this conundrum. What kind of little one should we adopt? More like you or me? Alls I knows is if they make pre-pubescent real dolls, we need to figure out which mfy's are ordering them and have us a witchhunt.

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