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Brains ain't doin' me no good

Wouldn't it be nice if the Red Sox signed Brian Wilson?


You've been waiting all morning to say that, haven't you?


Yeah, I thought of it in my room.


And it made you smile?


Nah, because I just wasn't made for these times.



Sorry. East Coast guy. Never understood the appeal of the Beach Boys.

I own the 4-CD box set for the Pet Sounds Sessions... I have an on again off again Brian Wilson obsession. Note: This is not at all the same things as a "Beach Boys" obsession as it's totally Brian Wilson that inspires me.

Don't worry baby ;D

I'm listening to the sessions now on Spotify. I love hearing Wilson's studio voiceover directions.

I had the Beach Boys Christmas album on last night. I'm not sure if there has ever been a better Christmas record.

Perhaps, h.b., it's just your imagination running wild.

I think it's just the good vibrations option on his Real Doll

I'm not even going to try to top Harwich or Buckner. (Thanks for the chuckles, boys.)

I will say though, I love me some "Pet Sounds-vintage" Beach Boys. Thanks for the reminder to load it up on the Pod.

Good cutter, but can he get around get around on the curve?

Wilson will have fun fun fun till Lackey takes his save chances away

I saw Brian Wilson play in Sydney once. I have never seen a guy so drunk. Good on him.

He's the man with all the toys.
Like Yazbread, I am strictly an eastern guy. California? Not for me. Their taxes are too high, they eat tofu everything. Some dolt came up with Tofu Beer! Save us from that awfulness.
Problem, it ain't just Lackey that couldn't hold a lead last season. B-Dub will be staying in shakytown. The Sawx need starters that can hold a 5-3 lead in the 5th and 6th innings, dare we think a starter can go seven? No new bull pen talent is worth shit if the starters are not feared. It ain't just a beard. Almost time for a sail on the Cutty Sark!
Hoist up the (Cutty's) sails! We're lookin' for a seven inning starter, he's out there! I know he is! (With apologies to Herman Melville)A full gold piece to the man who (signs) him!

Ever watch “Later with Jools Holland”? It features several performers in the round and each one gets a slice of the pie. All the performers watch each other. He gets really big and diverse acts on each show.

One episode had PIL and the Beach Boys w/ Wilson. John Lydon was a whining cunt claiming he had the flu. Beach Boys were tragicly bad. Just so old and have lost all their voices, timing, and energy.
After the BB played, PIL followed for some extreme contrast. Seeing Brian Wilson watching John Lydon was worth it all. He seemed to be enjoying it in his semi catatonic state. Kind of looking with wonder not quite understanding what was going on, yet sort of tapping his feet at the same time.

It was an image that really stayed with me. They repeat these shows often so head’s up. Worthwhile if you enjoy watching train wrecks.

BTW, Beach Boys were sued by Chuck Berry for copyright infringement and Chuck won. Might want to check your romantic notions of the Beach Boys.

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