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Best Monday in a long time

Ladies & Gentlemen, Boys & Girls, the designated hittah, David Ortiz.


You know I was somewhat skeptical about the soundness of resigning him, but now that's it's done I couldn't be happiah.


This morning the only thing bettah than knowing that Big Papi will retire as a Red Sox is Pedro coming out of retirement to work for the Red Sox.


I just pissed myself.



"I wish I had more time to actually tell him what I saw," Martinez said. "Hopefully one of these days we'll catch up."

That Lester hasn't made time and pinned Pedro in a fucking corner to find out what he saw says something about Lester. And it isn't flattering.

I wonder what Petey's title will be. Minister of Testicular Fortitude?

Now, will the Sox shut up, man up and sign Cody Ross, who was one of the few players that showed up every night. It should count for something. The role players can be important. Think Mike Lowell. Think J.D. Drew, then again, let's not think J.D. Drew...

Think Bill Mueller.

COD - you are dead on re Lester. If Mr. Pedro Martinez even acknowledged my existence I would be speechless. If he said he had advice for me? I'd lap it up like a thirsty dog and offer to rub his big balls every day for good luck

Is Pedey in the Hall of Fame yet? Can't they waive the time requirement for him?

2015 for Pedey. A once in a lifetime treat to be able to watch him pitch for those five years. We probably will never see anything like him again.

Pedro's all time great advice: I they lean over the plate, drill 'em in the ass!

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