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6 Slices

So what do you think of the rumor of the Sox pursuing the Napoli?


Might be interesting to use him at first.


And he can hit.


I don't like what'd do to my waistline, though... I mean every time he'd come up to bat I'd think of pizza napoletana, and once I think of pizza napoletana then I must have pizza napoletana.


Seriously. The most convincing argument for the existence of God? Pizza and Chianti.


What about cannoli?


Take the God, leave the cannoli.



Clemenza also said, "We gotta protect ourselves. At least give me the chance to recruit some new men."

Ahh h.b. you broke my heart.

Does this mean the Sox are playing in Sicily next year?

Once again, you have made my day. Thank you.

Off topic here. Did any season ticket holders take part in the conference call with John Farrell yesterday? Seems like he should have stayed in Toronto...

Just when I think I'm out, the Red Sox pull me back in.

i think napoli hit something like .800 at fenway last year.

Big deal - .800 was the Mendoza line for opposing batters in Fenway last year.

Question for future SATs.
2012 Red Sox starters: 2012 Patriots pass defense.
2012 Red Sox third basemen: 2012 Patriots Corners.
2012 Red Sox outfield: 2012 Patriots Tight ends/slotbacks.
Which one of these does not belong.
Have fun;-) !

I'm watching my weight, so I'll pick up 8 half slices, instead.


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