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What goes up...

Who knew the toughest paht of breaking the sound barriah during a free fall descent would be getting the friggin ascension balloon off the ground in the first place?


Oh, I'm sure Joseph and Jacques knew?


The who?


Sigh. Your reaction is so typical...


It's a god damn shame that hahdly anyone knows about the Montgolfier Brothers, the friggin fathahs of aviation.


Hey, this is 21st Century America. It isn't valid history unless Hollywood makes a movie about it.


"In a world where men were bound to the Earth...
Two brothers. One sackcloth. And a lot of hot air..."


That's a staht but you're gonna need, you know, a cliche Hollywood plot trope of some sort.


OK, got it...

"In a world where men were bound to Earth...
Two brothers, a dream to touch the clouds... and the woman they both loved!


'O Joseph! O Jacques! Ne pas me faire choisir! Il est vrai. Je t'aime tant!'"


There you go. Cast Nora Arnezeder in the role of the temptress and I'm Fandangoing the fuck out of that.



I have a feeling she could get me off the ground.

I would be willing to circumvent her Maginot Line.

I would be willing to circumvent her Maginot Line.

How does one say "Mile High Club" in French?

Sacre bleu!

Good to see that Mr. Roy (or is that Roi?) is responding to the trauma of the Red Sox season by getting more deeply in touch with his heritage.

No doubt he was the love child of Nora Ardenzer and Jacques-Etienne Montgolfier.

Now I am either going to have to explain to Mrs. Wrong why there is a french hottie on my "search history", or why there is one hour missing from my "search history"...either way it was worth it

The Montgolfier brothers were the basis for a Monty Python sketch a long time ago,(No luck looking on You Tube, probably some one wanted to uphold their copyright) but it was from their last series of shows. Thus, it was better than most, if not all of what was on TV then. For example,
The Sox games were done by Ned Martin and Bob Montgomery, great broadcasters, mediocre teams.
Don Orsillo is doing Detroit/Oakland, kinda strange for him not seeing a train wreck every night;-)

I take Martin and Woods any day.

HERESY! The Wright Brothers! End of story.

It doesn't count until an American does something ;)

Montgolfier! Ryder Cup captains, no?

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