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We come to bury the Red Sox...

Well, this is it...


Aftah what seems like 1000 and 62 games, the Red Sox can at long last gently go into that good night.


Yep and no burning or raving or raging against it for this crew.


Nope. This group not only had time to stop for death, they had time to kick back and wait for it.


Yeah, and when death finally did show up they were all, "Wait, you didn't bring the fucking chicken?"



As Clarence Darrow said, "I have never killed a man, but I have read many obituaries with great pleasure."

I am so fucking pissed at that manager. What's his name again? Veet?? Why the fuck did he pitch the closer Bailey in the blowout game on Monday when he might need him fresh to steal one from the Skanks Tuesday? That manager has to go!!

re http://www.theatlantic.com/entertainment/archive/2012/10/rip-jeter-drinks-wine-coolers-the-strange-new-civility-of-red-sox-fans/263073/ maybe it has something to do with the standings?

Does Bobby V even survive the week?

Well done, hb. God I hate this team.

I can't wait for the post-firing press conference. Somehow I get the idea that Valentine is just going to straight up steal from Richard Nixon and say, "you won't have Bobby Vee to kick around anymore because. gentlemen, this is my last press conference." Then he and his dog Checkers II will leave the clubhouse via the Red Sox helicoptor. Valentine will flash the dual victory finger gestures and then, thankfully, go off into history or AAA. Whatever.

Is it even possible to have an ounce of self-respect for yourself after you walk Cervelli? I say it is not.

I demand a Viking funeral for the 2012 Sox: burn the boat with the captain (Roberto Veet) in the middle of the raging inferno, and launch the fucker out to sea....

Dicey is gonna throw the gyroball tonight. He's been saving it.

Sayonara Dice-K. We hardly knew ye.

The idea of a Viking funeral is one I heard about from Hunter S. way back when.
"I'm going tohave amodernvikingfuneralmybodywillbestuffedintoarocket..(laughs)an'then BOOM! that'safuckin'funeralfortheages."
Then, break out the Cutty.
Next Sox skipper? I say try Arnie Beyeler, he knows this team having managed almost all of 'em at Quohag!

Let's not forget that the Sox still have a chance tonight to make the Yankees' life a living hell.. Yanks loss and O's win means one game playoff between the two, loser facing one-game elimination against Oakland or Texas.

Or is there no way in hell that's happening?

Tonight's game will be over by the third inning.

Best-case scenario tonight: O's win, Sox beat the Yanks in 24 innings.

Billy Mahty, don't sweat it. This team doesn't have the pride, heart or chutzpah required to make the Yanks life hell tonight. You'll be just fine.

Jesus fuck. Did anyone see this?


What the hell is the matter with that guy? He's like ever incompetent, do-nothing douchebag coworker you ever had rolled into one smarmy smug torpedo of terrible managing.

With the exception of Pedey, all the healthy players have cleaned out their lockers @ Fenway and when the long crap is done, they'll leave for home, prayig they get to be somewhere else next year.

Viking funeral! Kirk Douglas, Tony Curtis, Ernest Borgnine- one of the great movies of all time. Speaking of the past...why doesn't management kiss and make up with Tito? Why not hire him back? Would he consider the offer?
Revenge of Pearl Harbor tonight. Sorry puss-boy Orioles

Welkah, too bad he didn't swerve into traffic...

Welkah, ahhh man, I wish I'd known his route so I could have set up the punji stakes.

wait, what?


Boys and girls, the news, it is a'good. Per Jon Heyman:

"In a move that will be seen as anticlimactic at this point, Red Sox upper management intends to remove Bobby Valentine as manager soon after the season ends, people familiar with the situation say.

The belief is Valentine's ouster will come either Thursday or Friday, though that isn't known. Some people believe the Red Sox will give Valentine the courtesy of a meeting, but several people said they don't believe there's any chance he would be able to change their minds, assuming he'd want to."

Well folks, at this point it seems pretty clear that...ah fuck...never mind

This is the way the season ends:

... not with a bang but with a go fuck yourself.

So I Googled "Viking Funeral" and aside from the clip from the movie the "Vikings" I found this


Some people are WAY too attached to their pets

Hey at least 69 is a good number. Maybe not for wins in a season, but still...

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