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Picking apples

So despite the Wednesday interview of Brad Ausmus, it looks like they've made up their minds to go with Farrell.


And Edes says John Henry himself has reached out to the Blue Jays CEO to get it done.


I confess I'm don't feel any special fervor for John Farrell.


But, a vis-à-vis our last manager, hearing his name doesn't make convulse eithah.


Yeah, I confess to not having any particular skill at assessing a potential manager's abilities aftah being underwhelmed by the Francona hire originally. Shows you what I know.


Yeah, I'll stick to picking out Real Dolls.


They're like snowflakes.


Don't you know it.



Yes, each foam extraction tube has minute differences that make every Real Doll unique. For instance, mine has anal fissures.

It's only the oldest lottery in the world. Picking up a mate or a manager has some common risks, like having to pay more to get away from a relationship/deal than it took to start it in the first place.

Mine has 3 nipples.

Ah, Vermonter, the "Scaramanga" model! A true classic.

Hmmm...call me naive, but are anal fissures a good or bad thing?

Yup, 3 nipples and a Golden Gun. Hard to beat!

I had a friend when I was a kid with a third nipple. I still remember when he showed it to me. Odd looking.

So, we paid the Dodgers to take away our expensive players. We're paying Bobby V to just go away. We're going to pay Toronto to take their manager instead of finding someone who isn't tied down. But we're not going to raise ticket prices...so I guess it's another year of Loney at first base with Nava in the outfield and pretending we have a closer?

Oh..and hurrah hurrah...they're bringing in a country singer for the concert next year. Barf.

Feels like the Charlestown Chiefs. Does real doll make a Hansen Sisters package?

The most famous guy with a third nipple?
Krusty the Klown! (Herschel Krustowski)
Most loyal girlfriend for him?
No need to say.
But for the dense, Kosher Real Doll ;)!

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