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Perched in anticipation

Are you ready for Fearless Felix?


Are you kidding me? I haven't been this excited since I was a kid waiting for Evel Knievel's Snake Canyon jump.


Let's hope this goes bettah.


Yeah, but his success will be bittahsweet won't it?


I mean there goes the record for longest and fastest free fall held by your 2011 Boston Red Sox.




I'm here all week, folks, try the tilapia.



The dive is on "weather hold."

Wish the Red Sox could have been rained out 162 times.

I reckon maybe Evel shoulda hired one o them there evil scientists. You know, the ones who think maybe we should check a fewuns first insteada just saying God will take care? Maybe shoulda hired one to do a little more o that fysics stuff? What? Nolledge is evil? Dang it. Just light the fuse.

I have decided to root for the MFYs during the playoffs.
D-Lowe is on the roster. I figure it is his last hurrah.

Im kinda a yankees fan right now, but ultimately i want the Nats. Dont want to Orioles to win. If they did, I fear they would act like.... us. We dont need that.

Great clip hb. Made me think back to the SSP Evel Knievel stunt cycle I had as a kid. Much better memory than the Sox' September 2011 collapse. Or the entire 2012 season. Hey, so how long till Veet and his condescending, shit-eating grin ends up back at ESPN?

Agree with Jeff re Orioles and why I'm rooting against them.

I wish I'd had one of those stunt cycles. I did have a classic Schwinn Sting Ray that I used for a lot of Evel Knievel play acting. Good times.

Schilling used bloody sock as collateral on a loan - and now that he is bankrupt may need to sell it. http://www.complex.com/sports/2012/10/curt-schilling-might-have-to-sell-his-bloody-sock-to-get-out-of-debt

I saw the sock on the Hall of Fame. Is it just on loan from Curt there?

Cod, Curt got a tax break for putting the sock in the hall. Now that he's broke, well he joins the 47%.
Felix's jump is a lot like another one by Maj.(?)Joe Kittenger, who proved that one could bail out of a plane at 80,000 feet in 1961--and live to tell about it. The film NASA made of it is not for the squeamish. But, after the Towne Team having gone 69-93 an 85K foot free fall is not going to get my attention.

I think Felix is about to launch.


They had to abort the attempt because of wind.

Wish the Red Sox could have been winded out 162 times.

Tilapia used to be called cichlids. It's a rebranding only Larry or J Sandusky could appreciate.

Glad to help.


Ps, love the show

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