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Office visit

You know, Timmy, even under Obamacare extreme obstinance is not covered as a pre-existing condition.


Sometimes you just have to turn the other cheek.


Jimmy (getting head wrapped):
It's a rebuilding year...


Jimmy (getting head wrapped):
As much as I love and respect Papi, signing a long in the tooth DH for, what, 14-15 mil? is just not a wise move.


Jimmy (getting head wrapped):


Oh, I'm sorry, Timmy, is that too tight?



Isn't that how the Amazonian witch doctors shrink heads??

I don't think Papi is a "past his prime hitter." But his body is certainly past its prime. I don't know, if he'd take around $20 million for two years, I'd sign him. But if he wants closer to $30 mil, that's another story.

Unfortunately no, Rich.

They peel the skin away from the skull, usually brine it in some kind of tasty sauce and then when it has reached desired 'shrunkenness' they dry it off and reshape it back into something that resembles a face/head.

Though head wrapping could restructure the shape of the skull, it would not shrink it. And Timmy is the perfect age for that because his cranial sutures wouldn't be fully fused.

Happy Halloween! :)

For all I know, this may be a great business deal. But the press photo is just plain depressing:


The last member of the 2004 team (2007 as well?) without whom 2004 would not have happened. Sign him. It's called gratitude. It's not like anyone ever gives economics any serious consideration in this sport.

Chicago is not taking the option on Youk. Good news everybody! We are getting the band back together.

The look on G.L.'s face is priceless,Bob (well maybe 4 Billion)

That's what she said. #POWERUP

Youk can't even think of coming back, as that would mean playing first again, or third when, not if, Middlebrooks gets hurt again. His Obamacare premiums will be out of sight. Papi's problems are in part due to his being 40. 37 my arse! ;-)

Bring Papi back. This is a long-term investment. Not only has he proven to be a capable hitter the last few years, he's likely got a future with the club as goodwill ambassador / hitting coach / etc. This club loves to burn bridges with its greats (Tito, Nomar, Mo Vaughn, Clemens, all the way back to Teddy).

If not Papi, who is going to take the role of tone-setter on the young 2013 Sox? John Lackey?

Obviously, everything has its price, but Papi should be more valuable to the Sox than to any other team in MLB.

He is still productive. Bring him back.

Well, the shingles that blew off my roof have led to water leaking through my ceiling onto my Tempur-Pedic. But there are Whoppers at the front desk, so I'm happy.

Bring him back. It will let free agents know we recognize loyalty and pay it back.

"I'm Bob-o-pedic" ;O

I'm guessing that after the insurance payout, a Bob-O-Pedic is about what I'll be able to get.

Good News everyone! Meyer's rum production was only briefly disrupted. Ja knows what we all need.

Forget Meyer's Rum. I want some Russ Meyer's fun. Like "Faster, Pussycat! Kill! Kill!"

*** UPDATE 11/01 ***

I went to my own doc today. I'm at the tail end of my bronchitis so not entirely necessary except that I did get a new Rx for my "magic cough elixir" and that made it all worthwhile.

Prosit! Being high beats the alternative.

R.I.P Pascual Perez

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